My cat has become very aggressive and attacks me when sleeping

I have a 13yr old black cat. The past few months she's been attacking my arms by biting and scratching. I spray her with a water bottle and she calms down, purrs and licks my hand.

Last night she wanted to go under my comforter so I lifted it and she lunged at me scratching my eye. She's never done that before. Bites and scratches mostly my arms & feet.

Does anyone know why she's become more aggressive? I appreciate any help. Thank you.

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Needs to see a Vet
by: Kat

I agree with Larry completely that it could be some change at home, but most likely that she isn't feeling well.

The major indicating red flag was when you mentioned her age at 13 years old, all of a sudden now she has started biting you. To me that says something major has upset her, and it may be her own health that has her acting moody and aggressive. I know most people can be moody and not themselves when they don't feel well.

A vet's visit would be the best thing to do to see what's wrong.

by: Larry (editor)


I’m sorry to read of your problems.

Perhaps the first thing to consider when a normally placid cat starts being aggressive is that she may be sick or injured.

An injury may not be obvious. Are you able to pick her up without her showing signs of distress or crying out? ( Or biting or scratching you?) How does she react to grooming? Is there apart of her body, that she always used to happily let you brush, but now will not allow you to groom?

There may not be any very obvious symptoms of illness either, such as vomiting. Have her litter box habits changed at all? Are her eating habits still the same, is she drinking about the same as she normally does? Drinking more or less?

An examination by a veterinarian may be needed to establish if her aggression is being caused by something physical. An all clear from the vet will be good news and may point to her biting and scratching being due to stress.

Cats can become anxious or stressed out for many reasons, some of which may seem trivial to humans.

Did something change around the time that her aggression started? Not necessarily big things like someone moving into or out of the home, but small things like changing your brand of air freshener, deodorant or perfume.

It may not be something you have done that is upsetting your cat; you may just be the target of her misdirected aggression. You are after all the big powerful human. You provide her food, warmth and shelter and are responsible for all the good in her world. The way your cat sees it, you therefore must be able to correct anything that has gone wrong in her world, like a strange cat invading her territory.

The biting and scratching could be her way of communicating that something is wrong and would you please do something about it.

I do hope that you can get your problem solved, and believe that you will. And that you will soon be enjoying the company of your cat again without her attacking you.

Larry (editor)

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