My cat is indoors all the time now

by Cherry

After living the life of an indoor and outdoor cat, meaning that she went outdoors when she pleased and came inside when she pleased, my cat Pickle is now a full time indoors.

I always let my cats out, I believed that’s the way things should be, it did not seem right to me to keep a pet shut in the house. Years back I did have a cat that did not come home, never found out what happened to him.

Pickle liked to go out, but naturally only when it suited her. A wet day, or even just a cloudy day, and she would be curled up somewhere in the house. On a fine day she would go off on her trips but never for too long. A couple of hours and she would be back to check up on things, spend a few moments indoors and then off outside for another adventure.

She seemed content with that lifestyle and I was too, my cat was around often enough for me to pick her up and cuddle her if I felt the need.

So for what reason did I change things? Local cats started going missing. Streets around here are pretty quiet, I was never too worried about that with Pickle, she seemed to have the sense to stay out of the road, but there is a major, and very busy, road not too far away. Wild critters are not a problem and local dog owners don’t let them run free. We don’t know why so many cats went missing but it got me thinking that maybe Pickle should stay inside. The more that I thought about it, the more I became convinced it is the best thing.

I blocked up the pet door and Pickle became a stay at home cat. The marvelous thing is that she has no problem with it at all.

Yes for a few days she was scratching at the door and whining now and then, but now it’s as if she has never been out of the house in her life. She does not like it much when I have to leave the house, but is always there ready and willing for some fuss when I get back home.

Not all cats would adapt to changing to being inside all the time as easily as Pickle has, I know that, but I will say that I think it is worth doing, I don’t have to worry now and my lovely cat is always here for me.

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Fantastic!! :)
by: Kat L.

It's great that you got your Pickle to stay indoor-only. It sounds like it doesn't bother her now so that's wonderful. :)

Growing up we always had indoor-outdoor cats too, and my parents insisted it was the best of both worlds for them, but when our neighbors tried to take collars off of our one pair of brothers and take them, I had to obviously disagree. We ended up getting the one brother, Milo, an orange tabby, to stay indoors-only and he had no problems with it at all, and he was more fond of outside than his brother. His brother, however, Neptune, an all black beauty, was taken from near our home on Halloween back in 2005 and was never seen again. We don't know if someone hurt him, or kept him and ignored all the lost flyers we posted everywhere. It's heartbreaking and infuriating, but knowing there are heartless and crazy people out there, I agree hands down, indoors is best. We still miss our cat and it's been about 8 years since we've seen him :( .... Some day if we can close in the yard we might decide to let our guys out only with us, directly supervised, and some of our kitties are leash-trained but I don't like the idea of getting them used to going out the front door so I haven't encouraged that much. They seem happy in the house, so for now that's where I'm happy for them to stay-safe.

Things are going well.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Cherry,

Thank you very much for sharing the story of your now indoor only cat.

Sounds like things have worked out just fine for you and Pickle, you both seem happy with things as they are now.

Good to know that your cat has settled into her new lifestyle so easily, I do agree that most cats would need more time to adjust.

Good luck and I hope things continue to keep going well.

Larry (editor)

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