My Cat, Twilightmoon

by Bouncy-Ball
(Not telling)

Twilightmoon's face close up

Twilightmoon's face close up

I got Twi when I had first started reading the Warriors Series by Erin Hunter. It was a cat realistic fiction sort of book, and I was addicted to the characters and names. So I made a vow to have all of my cats have names like theirs.

Twilightmoon was the first. She's so black that she's almost blue and is as quiet as midnight over water. She can stand stock still so many of my relatives mistake her for a statue until they see her chest moving ever so slightly.

Twi obeys me at all times and I once sent her to attack my enemy, a mean boy at my school who bullies me and I always get in trouble for punching him back. It was awesome. My cat is almost how I'd always pictured her, even her eyes.

Twilightmoon once caught a bird on the fly and landed right on my head with it in her mouth. I literally fell over laughing. Twi seemed to laugh too. She's been the same warrior all of the cats in my books are, but twice as brave. I love my cat.

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May 31, 2008
How do you take that photograph?
by: Monty Paul

I do wish I had the knowhow to take a photograph of my cat up close like that. All my pictures of my cat just show him as a black blob in the distance, same when I take pictures of people too.

I really like that photograph. You have an exceptionally nice cat.

May 08, 2008
a black cat should be like that
by: Anonymous

love that photograph thats what i call a black cat

May 05, 2008
Gorgeous looking feline
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Bouncy-Ball,

"midnight over water" What a wonderful phrase :-) And what a wonderful name Twilightmoon is for a black cat too!

Twi is a gorgeous looking feline, such eyes. Thank you very much indeed for your photo and story.

Larry (Editor)

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