My Cats - Peanut and Rascal

by Stephen T.

My family (my dad, my brother, and myself) have two cats, Peanut and Rascal, but this is mainly about Peanut.

We had moved into our new house just over a year ago so my Mom could have more room to maneuver her Powerchair around.

Mom told me and my brother if we moved with them to help care for her and Dad, we could each have a pet. I chose to have a dog and my brother chose to have a cat.

One day about 7 months ago, a lady that I work with offered me a cat. I took my brother over to her house and we picked out a black and gray tabby cat that we christened Peanut.

Now, my mom had never been a fan of cats, frankly she was scared of them. However, my mom put her fears aside for us.

Peanut was an immediate hit around our house. Even the dog liked him. It was fun to watch the pair have a romp or to just watch Peanut scamper through the house.

cat with orange eyes

Throughout the summer and fall my mom's health rapidly declined.

Then on October 22, my sister called at 2 AM with the news we all dreaded. When we got home from the hospital, Peanut and Sandy (that's our dog) were at the door to welcome us as normal.

This time, they knew something was terribly wrong.

Peanut brought us a lot of comfort in those trying and difficult days by giving us extra attention. My dad really loves for Peanut to take a nap with him.

One day just last week we noticed Peanut was missing from the house. We looked high and low and couldn't find him. Eventually we decided he had somehow scooted out the door.

We drove around the neighborhood to see if he had been hit by car. We found no evidence of that. There was not trace of him at any of the three local animal shelters.

Our hearts we once again sad and the house so empty. So empty that we went to the cat shelter to adopt.

This time, we got a brown, black, and white tabby which we named Rascal. He too, was an immediate hit.

This morning at 11 AM, my brother burst into my room saying, "guess whose home" Yes, our little lost boy had returned. He had lost some weight, but looked no worse for what he had been through. We were overjoyed to have him back.

How fun it was to watch Peanut and Sandy have a romp and watching Peanut and Rascal and try to make up to each other.  

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Peanut and Rascal