My Litte Black Dooney Bug

by Kati Stinson
(Evansville, IN)

I got my black cat a little over three years ago. I named her Dooney, after my love of Dooney & Bourke handbags. I bought her from a local person that had a litter of four kittens. She was the only girl in the litter and all of her brothers were also black.

I was initially looking for a male cat, as I have never owned a female and thought I preferred a male. All that changed when she looked at me!

She looked different than her brothers, fluffier coat, huge green eyes and very small. I immediately picked her up and knew that I had to have her. She looked at me and I laughed because her eyes were so huge they looked bigger than her whole head!!

I checked her, thinking there had to be a white patch on her somewhere.....and none! The only thing that was not black on her was ONE whisker, it was white. I loved that about her, her one white whisker!

She has been so amazing, her white whisker fell out when she was about four months old and she is left all black. Her birthday is actually on Valentines day, and I feel like she is my lucky, love bug kitty!

Her nickname is DuneBuggy, and she is the sweetest most loving cat I have ever had! Her coat remains fluffy and medium length, and her eyes remain huge and beautiful!

I like to think that she is my lucky black cat. She is so beautiful and loving, she would change any ones superstitions about black cats!!

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Dec 02, 2012
My Dooney too !!
by: Penny

I loved your story about Dooney....I have a Dooney also...he is gray and light gray striped
He came to our house about a year ago and has never left...(thank God)
This is the first cat I have ever owned and I'm 61 so it was about time huh? I have always been a dog lover and never thought I would love a cat as much as my Dooney ( which I call Dooney bug also) Wow...he sure stole my heart...Anyway thanks for your story I loved it and what a beautiful cat she is

Dec 31, 2011
I have a Dooney Bug too!
by: Anonymous

I have a Dooney Bug too, but mine is a 6 year old beagle-Bassett. He is chocolate brown and white and I named him after a Dooney & Bourke purse as well... How funny!
I googled Dooney Bug and your story came up first!
I too love my Dooney so much.. My nickname is Dana Bug... Hence the bug addition! I just thought "how neat" and wanted to share!

Aug 04, 2010
Lucky Cat.
by: Mil

You say that Dooney would change anyone's superstitions about black cats.

Wouldn't change mine.

That's cause I always think black cats are lucky. If I see one I have to go stroke it. And I sure would stroke yours she's a beauty.

And I bet she is lucky.

Jul 15, 2010
dooney is so beautiful
by: Aripcalypto

Wow Dooney is super cool and beautiful!
When i wanted a black cat, i expected her to ahve green eyes just like dooney..
But Magick has stolen my heart and i believe every cat owner(especially black cats) may feel there's a sense of mysticism and intrigue yet warmness that nobody can explain when it comes to black cats...WITHOUT A DOUBT..

What ive noticed is black cats are more intelligent and loyal and more human like...but that is ONLY my personal point of view...I hope the editor would be able to shed some light on this???

Jul 15, 2010
A Darling Black Cat.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Kati,

Dooney is a darling black cat, and yes her eyes are beautiful.

As for her single white hair many folks believe that there is a single white hair to be found, on even the blackest of cats. Pull out that hair, without getting a scratch, and yours will be a long, happy and prosperous marriage.

The legend doesn't say what happens if the hair falls out tho :0) But it is of course just one of the many superstitions about black cats.

And I believe you when you say Dooney would change anyone's superstitions.

Thank you Kati for sharing Dooney's story and photo with us.

Larry (Editor)

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