My little Nicky

by Jenni
(Howard, S.D., USA)

A long time ago, we (my husband and I) found a litter of new born kittens.

Of the four we found only two lived. A small Siamese looking female and one long haired true black female. They became our house cats.

At the time we lived on a small acreage near a small town in South Dakota. Though they lived indoors, they enjoyed going out when the weather was nice. The Siamese one, Sabina, was nice but preferred to be with the kids.

My black baby, Nicodemous(taken from the movie "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves" starring Kevin Cosner), was mine-completely mine, as in she would have nothing to do with anyone except me.

She would lay on or next to me whenever I would sit or lay down. Her purr could be herd from the livingroom clear into our master bedroom(about 35 feet).

After of four and a half years on the acreage, we had to move to Sioux Falls. Our neighbor agreed to take her in.

Although Nicky allowed them to touch her and pet her, she never really took to them. She did however take to there half Rotwieler, half saint Bernard. He was also black and they would often sit together on the porch with Nicky on top of Smokey.

Now we have a two year old dom. short hair dark brown with black tiger striping. She, Gessy, is now our new "black cat" and now has all of our hearts.

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Feb 19, 2008
Terrific black cats.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Jenni,

Nicodemous and Gessy sound like terrific black cats.

Although we are led to believe otherwise it is true that cats and dogs can be great friends like Nicodemous and Smokey.

Thank you very much for sharing your great story.

Larry (Editor)

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