My Tremendous Tabby!

by Harmony
(England, manchester)

Hi, I have a Tabby called Justin, and he's the most loving, cuddly and playful tabby I have ever seen. Most time when I'm on the computer, he would lie down on my laps and purr.

When I'm in bed, he would come snuggle up to me and sleep next to me! He's adorable.

Do not hate on Tabby cats, as they love their owners, and are very gentle. They also have an eye-catching pattern, which amazes me!

That's my kitten, always gentle and playful. If you hate on tabby's, then you've obviously never had one before. So don't hate on one before you've actually HAD one.

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Jan 20, 2012
Tabby Cats
by: Denise Toman

I love tabby cats, or cats in general or just any animal and any person who hates on any animal is just a hateful person. I have always said that if I had to choose the life of an animal or a human, I would choose to save the animal who give unconditional love and who would not get up and turn on you like a human might do. Some people think that is mean or wrong until they think about it and all that goes on with the sick humans there are out there and alot of them are sick when they do things to animals too. Our tabby is a feral kitten whom my huband ended up snatching from a litter. We cannot get the rest so here in the midwest all we can do is go feed the other feral kittens every day. We mved 2 miles away since starting to feed them in Nov. and it is mid Jan. and we still go by everyday to feed all of the cats and kittens making sure that they have food for the winter. Thank God there have been other trying to help feed them. There are some good people out there but more mean ones to animals than good ones. Hurray for you and your tabby and may you and your tabby have a long happy life together. We have a gray & white cat that was my husbands, we have a feral yellow cat and a feral tabby cat, a chihuahua and 7 parrots. We will stop at this until good homes are found for our feral babies but until then, they have a genuine warm, safe and very loving home here with us and they are happy as all animals should be.
Thank you for posting how wonderful your cat it. I love reading stories like this one.

Dec 28, 2011
Tremendous is true.
by: Jobaputra

A tremendous tabby is right, I can see that he is a cheeky kitty and must be lots of fun to be around.

I am not hearing of anyone hating Tabby cats only black ones. But it is foolish and wrong to hate a cat because of the fur color, what difference does it make? A cat is a wonderful animal whatever it's fur is and I know lots and lots of wonderful tabbies.

Dec 27, 2011
Wonderful Cats.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Harmony,

Hey, Justin is a lovely little tabby fellow, he looks loving and playful.

Yes, if you are giving your attention to your computer, your cat will do their best to get your attention on to them :0) It's what cats do!

I can't imagine anyone hating tabbies for as you say, they are indeed wonderful cats.

Thank you very much indeed for telling us about Justin.

Larry (editor)

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