From Nervous Cats to Trusting Cats

Nervous cats want to be confident cats. They would really like interaction with their humans and to enjoy petting and strokes.

So what is it that makes a cat timid?

Why is it a cat will hide away from those who care for it?

If your cat acts scared, perhaps gets a little aggressive because she is anxious around people or other pets, there may be hope.

It will take patience but you may be able to train your feline friend to trust you and other humans and become an assured and confident cat.

The very first few weeks of a kitten's life can play a big part in how it reacts to human company in later life.

Kittens that have the opportunity to get used to humans while still nursing, are likely to develop into cats that are confident and at ease with people. Humans will not seem so much as something to be cautious and nervous of.

Nervous Cats And Nervous Kittens

Despite their bravado and insatiable curiosity, most kittens are likely to be a little cautious for their first couple of weeks until they get used to their new family and home. Some however will remain nervous and shy.

Likewise, adult cats need a little time to adjust to a new home environment. Given a little time and patience, most will make that adjustment and will soon be at ease with all family members.

But some will remain fearful. It could be that these felines have always been nervous cats, and their timidity has little to do with the change of home.

Perhaps the cat has had a bad experience in the past and sees all humans as something to fear.

Or could there be something in your home that the cat finds threatening? You may have to do a little detective work to discover what it is, and then find a solution to the problem. In the meantime you will need, here's that word again, patience.

Something To Try With A Timid Cat

One recommended way of helping nervous cats to overcome their fear of humans is with the use of a suitably sized pet crate.

gray and white cat

Put your cat's litter box and one or two of her favorite toys in the crate.

By covering three sides of the crate with sheets of card, or with a blanket, you create a little cave for your cat in which she can feel sheltered and protected.

Begin by locating the crate in an area of your home that is not heavily used by humans.

Leave her crated for two hours at the most. She will be able to hear the sounds of your home, but not see too many people.

After several sessions in the quiet area, move the crate to a room where there is more human activity. Do not make too much fuss of her, but now and then stop to talk to her soothingly.

At the times she appears to be relaxed and not showing any signs of nervousness, you can reward her with a healthy cat treat.

Next, when she is laid back about being in the company of people, you can try removing the covering from the sides of the crate.

With this crate training your cat can learn not to be fearful and timid, and fully enjoy being a member of your home.

Some nervous cats that become aggressive, are able to be calmed with the aid of a Feliway Diffuser. More details here - The Feliway Diffuser And The Aggressive Cat. 

When Cats Suddenly Become Nervous Cats

When cats that are normally confident suddenly become nervous cats it will be for a reason.

Cats can react to stress in many ways, some can become unusually aggressive, others can become timid and withdrawn.

There are many things that can stress a cat out, some are obvious like Moving Home or the introduction of another pet.

 red cat
Nervous cats want to be confident cats. They would really like interaction with their humans and to enjoy petting and strokes.

Other causes of cat stress are not so obvious and may seem trivial to a human, but not trivial to the cat.

If the cause of the anxiety is only temporary then the cat may resume her normal personality soon after the cause has ended.

If the cause of the stress is permanent, such as a new human moving into the home, then the cat may need a lot of time, patience and love before the nervousness ceases.

Illness may also make a normally assured cat act nervously.

If your pet's sudden personality change cannot be accounted for then a health check by the vet may be a good idea.

Of course there may come a time when you come to realize that your cat is the cat that she is.

Your cat may always have a touch of nervousness about her, she may always be a little uncomfortable in the company of humans, especially strangers.

Your timid cat can be just as lovable as any cat and just as loving in her own way. 

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