New black kitten

by Amber Dell

I have just gotten a 12 week old black kitten it is a boy. I don't think the colour of the cat has anything to do with witchcraft, but I do think that black cats-kittens do get into more trouble or problems with behavior I'm not to sure why but from personal experience I think they do.

But I DO love all and any colour of cat no matter how old young, fluffy, or hairless I do not care because your cat will love you forever.

All I ask is that people please do not forget that cats-kittens have a heart and feelings be kind and remember its only a cat-kitten relax...they don't mean to scratch the couch or get into stuff there just curious. THX

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May 27, 2008
That's what makes them kittens!
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Amber,

Congratulations on your new kitten :-)

Yes, cats of any color are great, and all kittens get themselves into trouble, that's what makes them kittens!

"they don't mean to scratch the couch or get into stuff there just curious."

Absolutely agree :-)

Thank you very much for sharing about you new kitten.

Larry (Editor)

May 27, 2008
by: Harry

Hmmm, black cats/kittens getting into more trouble than other colour cats? I don't know about that, especially when it comes to a kitten.
We have an all black female, 7 yrs old now. As a kitten, she got into normal kitten trouble and as a grown up, naturally she has settled down a lot and has been for quite a while now. Now, we have an mostly orange and belly white male cat, turns a year old May 29th. A terrorist as a kitten. We never had a kitten that got into as much as this one did, and still does. Although, as he is getting older the mischief is getting less. So whether black cats get into more trouble than others, in my opinion, that is questionable.

Wish you would have submitted a photo.


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