by Hannah and Kirstie

On our way to the bakers on a Friday night, we were just minding our own business and then we saw this little black cat sitting by the front left wheel of a car staring at us.

We thought nothing of it so we kept walking, then as we got closer we saw he was friendly, so we spoke to him. And them kept walking as we were late, but he followed us all the way down the road. It was a black cat who had obvious Siamese traits and i had never seen him in the street before and i have seen and know most of the cats in my street.

We kept walking at went to the next parallel street and as we went past we saw another black cat sitting beside a cars left front wheel staring at us in the exact same way as the first.

We didn't go over to him this time. We kept walking but the cat kept staring. We kept walking, but the whole night we kept thinking of it, it really freaked us out.

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Jul 11, 2008
Comments back haha
by: Hannah and Kirstie

It was definitely not the same cat, the first cat was siamese looking, slim and a young cat he was also quite large in size.
The second cat was a small, fluffy breed, definitly different looking even in the dark.
The Next Friday we were walking back home late at night and having a normal conversation when suddenly i just said cat instead of the word i meant to say.
Immediately after this random accidental word we heard some very odd cries coming from up the road. it was quite disturbing as it sounded like a very mournful cry as though it was in distress. Next thing a black cat popped out from a street, not distressed looking at all, stared at us and then sat behind a car and later in thr middle of the street. Again, it was not a cat I'd seen before.

Jun 29, 2008
The same black cat?
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Hannah and Kirstie,

Thank you very much for your interesting story.

I've got a theory. Do you think it could have been the same black cat? After all you took the trouble to make friends with the cat, not being superstitious because it was a black cat, good for you. So maybe the cat thought "Hey these humans are cool!" Then maybe he darted ahead of you without you noticing and waited for you by the second car :-)

Either way, thank you for sharing with us.

Larry (Editor)

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