Orange Cat Pictures

Do you call them orange cat pictures, or would you be more likely to call them ginger cat pictures?

Perhaps you refer to them as marmalade cat pictures, rusty cat pictures, tangerine cat pictures or even red cat pictures, whatever your favorite term is for an orange feline you will simply love these pictures of orange cats.

Are all Orange Cats Male?

No, but male orange cats outnumber female orange cats by about three to one.

The reason for this has to do with chromosomes and genes, put very simply the same pair of chromosomes that determine whether a cat is male or female, also determine the color of the fur.

Also, why are there so many orange (ginger) and white cats ? (a glance at the orange felines above will confirm this). This is because white is not actually a color, but is in fact the absence of any color, and the gene that is responsible for the repression of color is more powerful than the genes for any of the colors, including orange.

Orange Cat Pictures