Orange Tabby Cat

The First Day Of Socks Life

by Brooke Pellegrine

On March, 17 2001, a soon to be mother, named Ali, was acting a little bit stranger than normal.

My sister, Kelsey, my baby sitter and me were sitting in the living room when Ali started acting up.(I was only 10 at that time and needed a baby sitter).

My baby sitter was thinking that Ali was just sick but Kelsey and I knew that she was pregnant.

Our family didn't know that Ali was in ready to have on because she was so young, so we weren't prepared.

All three of us then went down in the basement to get a box. We cut a hole in the box, set Ali in it, then waited to see what would happen.

orange tabby cat

We waited for a couple of minutes and we allowed Ali to be around us because she didn't know what was happening.

Soon after, Ali was having her first kitten. It was a black calico, with a little bit of brown just like her mother.

We all waited a little bit longer, then we decided to sleep down stairs with Ali. When we all fell asleep, Ali then had a second Kitten.

This Kitten would soon be mine, named Socks. Socks is an orange tabby cat. we only got two cats, plus Ali, that day.

Still to this day, we don't know who the father is of our two kittens, but were thinking that it is a gray tabby in our neighborhood.

A new pet, an orange tabby cat, how wonderful!

Take care of Socks your newborn kitten, you are going to be the best of friends for a long time.  

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