Our Cat Bites My Legs.

by John McCarthy

We have an eight year old cat we call Orville. I do have a lot of affection for this little creature even though I swear an cuss at him sometimes. My wife is convinced I hate him and he hates me, but that ain't so.

The thing that causes me to swear and cuss at him the most is when he bites my legs!

I like to wear shorts when it's warm. At 67 I still have legs to be proud of, true the old breadbasket has increased a bit, but my legs are still the envy of any man.

The trouble is Orville, he loves to hunt my bare legs. If I'm in my shorts or bathrobe, he will hide somewhere and pounce. If I see him about to attack I shoo him away and swear and cuss. The thing is he has got so crafty, he hides well. He even waits until I'm sat down with my feet up and strikes. It can hurt too!

It's natural for a cat to hunt I'm aware of that, but he does not hunt anything else, just my legs. I've seen birds land in the yard and Orville has taken no notice of them.

Somebody suggested chili pepper as a repellent. We thought it worth a shot so made up a paste. The idea was that Orville would associate the chili with my legs and so keep away from them.

It was not pleasant to have that stuff smeared over my legs I can tell you, but it worked! I mean it worked when I had it on my legs, cat kept clear away, no biting. But did it mean that Orville stopped his attacks when my legs were not smeared with the stuff. No. Next day it was back to open season. There is no way that I'm living with chili powder permanently on my legs.

So what to do? The choices seem to be, put up with the attacks, keep my legs covered or get rid of Orville.

Would I get rid of this biting menace? No, I do love the little creature he is one of the family after all, besides my wife would kill me.

I guess short pants are for younger men anyways. I am wondering though, now that Orville will not have my legs to attack what will become his new target to bite?

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Me too!
by: Anonymous

Not sure when you did your post, but found it when googling, as my cat does this too.

She's got a fascination of my bare legs and I'm always running away from her when she's trying to bite them. It can be funny and painful at the same time. She's also started doing it when I'm in my pjamas but not my work trousers or jeans, she's not stupid!

by: John McCarthy

Hi there Katy, Ha, no not hairy!

Orville hasn't seen my bare legs in a little time now, I think he is missing them :-)

I have a suspicion that he is planning something to take the place of hunting my legs. I don't know what but I'll find out.

by: Katy

He sounds like a really nice cat and pouncing on your legs is his way of showing affection. Haha it's funny though and I bet your legs are hairy and he's playing at being a tiger.Probably good for your circulation and the jumping and running will keep you fit.

Hunting game.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi John,

It was your shorts or your cat, one had to go and your cat won.

Excellent choice, you made the right decision.

Why did he see your legs as prey? Who knows. Maybe the first time that he saw you in your shorts he did not know what to make of your bare legs, he thought them strange, so he attacked. He probably did not like your cussing and swearing, but it got him attention.

Hence each time he saw your legs he thought he'd enjoy the hunting game :)

Thank you very much for sharing your cat biting story with us John. I'm sure that after a little time you will not miss your shorts, but you sure would have missed Orville.

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