Our Crazy Cat!

by Rebecca

Sammy and Smokey

Sammy and Smokey

He is the craziest thing I have ever seen. I don't know what type he is, but I have been told he is a Tabby Cat.

He's a smokey or silver colored. Our roommates has a weird lazy yellow cat which is in one of the pictures. Smokey doesn't let him alone at anytime of the day always messing with him. All Sammy does is hiss at him.

Smokey sits at the top of the stair way and waits for someone to come up and jumps them. Or we will be sitting on the couch and he just runs up and slaps us with his paw. Then he will sit there with you wait for you to move and bites, or grabs our hands and bites. Not hard, I guess he knows the difference of the bite. When he gets in trouble he will wait for a little while and then get his revenge. OMG! He is just crazy.

We adopted him from a neighbor that did drugs. I don't know if they gave it to him when he was small. He was 4 weeks old when we got him. We fed him from a bottle and started making him us a kitty box when we got him as well. We love him to death.

We can go in the kitchen and open the fridge and he will sit there and meow meow until you give him some. When he meows it sounds like he's saying Milk. It funny!!

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Jan 12, 2010
From top of the stairs -
by: Monk

Your cat Smokey looks a great crazy cat, I love cats that are crazy. I am writing because our crazy fellow also jumps on people from up the top of the stairs!!

Togs don't care who it is, even perfect strangers he has not seen before. Woosh down he jumps! Usually he lands on the shoulders, but has on occasions landed smack on top of there head. You can guess how that freaks people out!! He's crazy :)

Feb 25, 2008
Love his craziness
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Rebecca,

What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing it.

I bet that you are glad that you adopted Smokey and love his craziness :-) He sounds like a very lovable little chap.

Larry (Editor)

Feb 24, 2008
Could call them, Crazy and Lazy
by: Harry

Like your story Rebbeca. Reminds me of two cats I have. Pumpkin and Princess. Pumpkin is still a kitten, 8 mos, and Princess is 6 yrs. Pumpkin is always bothering her and she is constantly hissing at him. My wife and I both laughed at your story because it reminds us of our cats.

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