Our Indoor/Outdoor Tonkinese Kittens

by Michelle T.
(Otago, New Zealand)

Chauncey and Cleopatra - Our Tonkinese Sisters

Chauncey and Cleopatra - Our Tonkinese Sisters

We have two beautiful Tonkinese kittens who are indoor cats with supervised outdoor play time. Before we bought them we did a lot of research about the whole indoor/outdoor cat thing...

Prior to buying our two kittens my husband and I had never thought of having an indoor cat. My husband had had a Tonkinese he loved growing up it but it got hit by a car at only 18mths.

We did a lot of breed research we decided on the Tonkinese was the breed for us - but we didn't want anything to happen to our new kitten (which turned into kitten's because we wanted one each!).

We did a lot of research about cat care specific to the Tonkinese. We found out that Tonkinese cats (Also Burmese and Siamese, Tonkinese is a hybrid breed of these two breeds) were not that smart around cars and had an unusually high death toll around vehicles. Also friends of ours with a Burmese cat had recently had him at the vet due to being mauled by a dog.

With these two real issues in mind, we thought maybe we will try out having an indoor cat. (Note - we live in NZ, there are no wild animals, but dogs can be aggressive, also we have a lot of native birds some which are endangered and we don't want our kittens to be responsible for killing any!)

We tried keeping our kittens indoors only for about a month (we got them at 10 weeks, the youngest you can in NZ) so they were about 14 weeks the first time they went outside. The bolder kitten Chauncey loved it, the shyer one Cleopatra was terrified (needless to say we didn't force her).

Now they both like a little time outside (nearly 6mths old), we leave the doors open and they go play in the backyard... They love the next door neighbors place, as the neighbors can be a bit remiss about cutting the grass. The kittens can stalk each other like little lionesses.

If we go out the are always put back inside, and we keep tabs on them while they are out and about.

Our kittens don't roam to far from home and we always make sure they are inside before it gets dark (at the moment about 11pm - we have very long days here in the south island!).

Only problem is if we go out and come home in the dark, for some reason our bolder kitten Chauncey tears out the door and down the drive - not much fun searching for a kitten in the dark!!

As I have been writing this Cleo has been snuggling up like a small monkey on her back cradled, in a most un-catlike manner. Has to be seen to be believed! And Chauncey has been trying to drink my smoothie... I love how our cats prefer to be with us, we are inside they want to be inside, we go outside they want to be outside.

Love my two little girls - thank you for letting me show them off!

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Sweet and Beautiful.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Michelle,

You thank us for letting you "show off" your two little girls, but . . .

. . . we should be thanking you for sharing their photo and story with us :0) They are indeed beautiful!

Supervising their outdoor play sounds a wonderful idea. How nice for them to have daylight until eleven.

I can just imagine Chauncey and Cleopatra following you around, Tonkinese have the reputation of loving human company.

Congratulations, those are two sweet and beautiful sisters you have there.

Larry (Editor)

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