Our South African Black Cat Pls Help

by Leigh

Me and my aunt live not far from each other so I go to her now and again, but every day we pull the car out and these days there is a black cat near us. It does not move or anything.

Then we drive out the complex don't know how it go there so fast, we stop the car and it cross over the road around our car and then is gone again.

We get home later that day and he makes his presence known again, but it only happens when me and my aunt are together.

We can go out we get back its there we never see any other cats during the course of the day and if me and her are not together we don't see cats at all.

I'm just trying to find out the meaning behind this please please can some help, is a bad luck thing is it good luck to me at the moment it freaks me out.

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Dec 19, 2014
I think
by: Anonymous

u did mention that it's only show up when you and your aunt together. don't you think this is a good future?. what I think is that the distance between your aunt n u is alway tight and close."always be together"...

Dec 04, 2014
Not Bad Luck
by: Kat L.

We have black pet cats and they are the same as our other cats. Lovable and adorable and horribly misunderstood by people's superstitions. The kitty you're seeing is likely someone's pet cat that lives in or near the complex. Cats can have a home range of up to several miles they travel routinely. He/she is just a pretty new neighbor. I wouldn't worry. :)

Dec 03, 2014
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Leigh,

Please stop worrying. Relax.

You are freaking yourself out for no reason. Black cats are just . . . cats. They are neither lucky or unlucky, just lovely, lovable cats.

Think of this, if you kept seeing a tabby cat, would you be worried? Most likely not because tabby cats do not have the same superstition attached to them, and that is all it is . . . superstition.

You most likely do see other cats, its just that you do not notice them. The black cat that hangs around the complex is harmless, it can't hurt either you or your aunt.

We all have our superstitions and it is hard to overcome them until we realize that they are just stories we frighten ourselves with.

Relax Leigh, that cat is not going to bring you bad luck, nor is it going to harm you.

Larry (editor)

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