Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Outdoor Cat Enclosures – a third way?

It's a dilemma. Should domestic cats be kept indoors at all times or should they be allowed the freedom to enjoy the outdoors?

The indoor/outdoor cat debate goes on and there are very good reasons for both points of view.

Our feline friends are undoubtedly very much safer kept inside the home. Cats and vehicular traffic do not mix.

Then there is the danger from other animals, both wild and domestic, and also the danger from humans with bad intentions.

On the other hand, many cat lovers believe that cats are happier if they have access to the outdoors.

They reason that as cats are animals they need to get outside, to enjoy the air, to exercise and to prevent becoming bored.

Keep your cat in at all times and know that he or she is safe? - Or – Allow your cat outside and know that he or she is happier?

Outdoor Cat Enclosures – Another Choice

If you have a backyard then cat enclosures provide you with a way to keep your cat safe and allow her a taste of the outside.

If you are a keen D.I.Y. enthusiast you can make an enclosure for your cat.

Not only will you save a few pennies, but you can build an outdoor cat run and enclosure to your own specifications and to fit available space exactly.

outdoor cat enclosure

Of course if building your own, you will want to ensure that it is not only escape proof, but also that there are no protruding screws or other potential hazards for your cat.

If you are not so good at building things then you may be able to find a local handyman or carpenter, maybe even one with some experience of building outdoor cat enclosures, to design and build one for you.

You are not likely to save over buying a ready made enclosure, but it will be to your (and your cat's) design.

Cats love sunshine (who doesn't?) and outdoor cat enclosures are an ideal way for them to enjoy it. But please, do ensure that some shade is provided.

Many outdoor cat runs, especially the 'netting' type do not have any solid area of roofing. Too Much Sun can be a Danger for Cats, just like it can be for humans.

Fixing a thick cloth covering over the top of part of your cat's enclosure will give her some shade. The sun at midday can be very strong indeed, it may be best to bring your cats indoors when the sun is at its highest.

Cats with white, or light colored coats, are the most susceptible to skin cancer.

Your cats will also need access to fresh water anytime they are in their enclosure.

Should Cats Be Left Unattended In An Outdoor Enclosure?

The safest policy is to always supervise your cats when they are playing in their enclosure.

These constructions are designed to keep your felines in, they may not always be capable of keeping other animals out.

Besides, in the event of a sudden change in the weather, a rainstorm for example, your cats may well want to be back in the house pronto. If you are not there to get them inside they could become quite distressed.

Types Of Outdoor Cat Enclosures

You have a choice with domestic cat enclosures. Basically there are two types available.

Perhaps the most common are the type with flexible netting. Most of these can be easily dismantled and stored when not in use.

Many are expandable by purchasing extra sections, for example you can start with a basic outdoor enclosure and later add a tunnel cat run.

Is the netting strong enough? Most users find it keeps their cats safely contained, but some report that their cat has managed to push through the netting.

Another reason to make sure that you keep an eye on your kitties playing in outdoor cat enclosures.

The other type of outside cat enclosure is the rigid framed, wire mesh type that are sometimes referred to as cat cages.

These are of more substantial construction and usually left out permanently. There is less chance of a cat escaping from a rigid framed enclosure.

The larger models of both types often include perches and hanging toys for your cat to have fun with. If the enclosure is high enough you can place a cat condo inside.

It is important that cat enclosures are regularly checked for wear and tear, particularly so with the netting type.

They don't offer complete freedom, but outdoor cat enclosures are one way for your indoor cats to enjoy the fresh air and sun. Will your cats be happier using one?

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