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A Little Fear is Okay
by: BK

There is no question in my mind that letting cats roam outdoors is good for the cat, if the environment isn't inappropriate. E.g., lots of car traffic, bad -- or alternately, if you live too far out in the wild, also potentially bad (due to foxes, cougars, coyotes).

Especially in America, people seem a little too willing to confine their cats to the house out of fear. I am willing to live with a little fear so my cats can enjoy life to the fullest. There is NO question that they love the hunting, exploring and sensory opportunities they get outdoors. The not-so-great indoors is deprivation in comparision.

My philosophy is that we are all only visiting here, whether cat, human or any other life form -- none of us get to stay. I care for my cats deeply, but I'm unwilling to sentence them to an unstimulating environment away from the sun and wind so I can feel more secure.

by: Anonymous

Kee will probably live a lot loger with less battlescars if you keep him inside...
Just a thought...

If Key is happy . . .
by: Larry (Editor)


If Key is happy . . . that's the main thing! :0)

But you never know when he is going to be caught short when he is inside (during a rain storm perhaps,) and a litter box would be handy, most do not cost very much at all.

Thank you very much for sharing with us about Key.

Larry (Editor)

the cat does not want to be shut in.
by: Jobaputra

Alright cats can get hurt if they go outdoors and fight and all kinds of things. So too can people.

I do know that cats are moody if shut in the house all the time it is just like people the same. The owner says the little cat is happy.

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