Outdoors for the better.

by Anonymous

I got my cat when I was 2 years old. He is 16 years old now. He has always liked being outdoors.

We used to live in a very rural area where he learned how to live outside. He was even adopted by a neighbor for a little while until I found him when I was walking home from school one day.

About the bird issue--we had a neighbor who was a bird watcher who was getting mad that our cat was killing the birds in his yard..he actually shot him, but it only hit his tail and he is still perfectly healthy. We have moved twice since then, each time he disappears for 2 to 3 days and always comes back. He's just learning his new environment.

We have lived on a pretty busy street for 9 years now but I wouldn't recommend it for any new or young cat, ours has had a lot of experience, first rural then suburban now semi-urban. I believe if you can't let your cat outside at all, not even in a yard (outside doesn't mean the cat has to roam free), you shouldn't have one.

As gross as it is to dispose of birds and mice on my porch, cats enjoy and live for those chases and games. My cousins have indoor cats that are terribly obese, one died at 9.

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by: Anonymous

Being outdoors a lot of the time suits my cat. He is chipped and wears a tag but has never gone AWOL.

One thing, I don't know about indoors cats getting overweight but mine certainly is, guess he must be getting fed elsewhere as well as at home :)

Big boy goes out!
by: E.E.

Good man for letting your cat out. I could not keep my big boy in the house if I wanted to and I don't.
He is happy to go just where he pleases. He gets in plenty of fights -- he wins mostly all of them, if he was shut inside he would be fighting me lol.

Sounds like he has a happy life.
by: Larry (Editor)


Thank you for sharing your experiences with your outdoors cat, sounds like he has a happy life.

I understand how you feel about cats being kept inside, but there are two sides to every issue. Some folks, who may well live in high traffic areas, don't have a yard where their cat can explore under supervision. They feel that by correctly looking after their pet they can allow it to enjoy a contented life indoors.

Yes, it is true that indoor cats are prone to becoming overweight, but that can be prevented by exercise, playing with your cat is great exercise, and controlled diet.

Thanks once again for your submission.

Larry (Editor)

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