Pinpin Bites at Feeding Time.

by Rosie Mitto



Cheeky kitty

I have a cat called Pinpin, she is two years old, she is also a rescue cat.

I have noticed that she will give me a gentle nip with her teeth, if I don't feed her straight away when she is hungry!

The first time it happened she was hungry and wanted to be fed. On my way to feed her I stopped to have a look in my fridge and she gently sunk her teeth into my foot!

These has happened a few times and it's always at feeding times.

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Nipping will only mean a longer wait.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Rosie,

Thank you very much for sharing Pinpin's photo and story with us. Pinpin is a darling looking cat.

Oh dear, so she takes a nip at you as soon as she is hungry so you, her servant, feed her right away.

I'm thinking perhaps it may be better to have a routine of putting her food out at a strictly regular time and not when she decides she is ready for it.

She will no doubt still try and nip you if her food is not there when she wants it, but just scoop her up and shut her in another room for a while so she gets her food later. Hopefully in time this will teach her that nipping will only mean a longer wait.

It's something to try anyway, good luck.

Larry (editor)

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