The Pixie Bob Cats

The Pixie Bob, Bred to Resemble American Bobcats.

There are many tales of litters being produced from matings between Bobcats and barn cats.

However it has never been proven by DNA testing that wild Bobcats and domestic felines have produced offspring.

Bobcats are not part of 'Pixie' breeding programs, the breed is pure domestic cat.

The first part of the breeds name comes from a cat used to establish a domestic breed that is similar in appearance to American Bobcats.

This cat was a female called Pixie.

For a cat to be classed as belonging to this breed one of its parents must have linage tracing back to this cat.

Personality Characteristics Of A Pixie Cat

Pixies are frequently said to be dog like in many ways, in fact you will often see them referred to as a “dog in disguise.”

This is because this breed shows devotion and loyalty to its humans.

Pixie cats also have a reputation for responding well to Leash and Harness Training, learning to retrieve a small ball or toy, and traveling well in an automobile.

pixie bob in a harnessThese cats have a reputation for responding well to leash and harness training.

Pixies can be very active and exuberant, but rarely unruly and do not get upset easily.

They have a healthy amount of what cats are famous for - curiosity.

These cats love being around their human family and want to be involved, they bond extremely well although some can be a little stand offish with strangers.

They are not a breed that are known for being lap cats, they do love attention and affection but most prefer being near you rather than on you.

Their ability to take things in their stride and tolerate a lot of activity makes Pixie cats suited for families with children. They usually get along very well with other household pets too.

Not a highly vocal breed, but Pixies do like to have their say now and then.

They do not meow very much however, instead they use a variety of Cat Sounds, including chirps, chatters, chittering and growls. They can communicate pretty well this way and a human owned by a Pixie cat soon learns that most of these sounds are affectionate.

The Pixie is a very clean cat. This breed generally takes to using a litter box very well, but most will refuse to use it if it is not kept scrupulously clean.

The Pixie Bob Face

At first glance, the face of a Pixie can appear to have a slightly wild and displeased expression that contrasts with the charming and friendly personality of this breed.

Male Pixie Bob
Males weigh between twelve and twenty pounds. Image wikipedia c.c.

The face is somewhat triangular, or inverted pear shape, with smallish almond shaped gold, brown or green eyes, a broad nose and a broad forehead.

The ears are medium in size and set towards the top of the head, some will have Lynx style tufts.

That BobCat Tail

Not all Pixies have the bob-tail. Some are born with full length tails, others have a medium length tail and some even no tail at all. Just like the Manx breed, a litter can contain Pixie Bob kittens with various tail lengths.

The cat is just as delightful of course, no matter what type of tail it has, but for show purposes the tail must conform to certain standards.

Large Paws

Many Pixie Bob cats have extra toes (Polydactyl.) Polydactility is so often found in Pixies that they are the only breed permitted to show with extra digits.

Polydactyly generally does not cause the cat problems. These cats tend to have large paws, even those with the standard amount of toes.

Double Coat

This breed sports a double coat, a soft undercoat and slightly longer guard hairs, over a muscular body.

The coat pattern is Tabby, always with ticking (agouti) and coloring ranging from golden brown, to reddish to dark brown.

The ticking is heavier in the winter so Pixies appear to be darker in the winter than they do in the summer.

How Big Do Pixie Bobs Get?

There seems to be some exaggeration about the size and weight of Pixie cats. They are considered to be medium to large cats, muscular and heavy boned, but are not generally huge cats. Of course any cat of any breed can be huge if overweight.

Males weigh between twelve and twenty pounds and females eight to twelve pounds.

A cat of this breed will continue to grow for the first three years of its life.

There are differing opinions about certain vaccines and Pixie Bob cats. Consult your veterinarian if you are considering this breed.

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