Reasons For Playing With Your Cat

Playing with your cat builds a bond between the two of you. 

You want your cat to think of you as much more than someone who provides her with food, warmth and shelter.

You want your cat to see you as their friend and companion.

A short play session each and every day helps to build a cat - human bond between you.

Playing with your cat helps her to release aggression.

Unfortunately domestic cats can, on occasion, become aggressive.

There are many reasons a normally placid cat can become aggressive. Boredom is one of them.

There are many good reasons to keep a cat indoors and a few downsides.

One of these downsides is that with not much to do all day, a cat can become jaded.

Interacting with your cat will give her some interest and help keep that boredom at bay.

A daily playtime is great interaction, gives your cat excitement and releases that Cat Aggression.

A playtime each day will help prevent your cat from becoming overweight.

Just like people, cats gain weight when they eat too much and exercise too little.

playing with catsEnjoy your cats, play with them. Even a roughhouse tumble about will give them exercise and interest. Good for all

Overweight Cats run the risk of many health problems and excess weight can shorten their lives.

A cat that is out and about all day has plenty of opportunity for getting a little exercise, running, climbing trees and fences, chasing and being chased by other cats.

But what of the indoor cat? A playtime with you may be her only chance of burning off those calories. Do not exhaust your cat, a short play each day will soon get rid of those excess ounces and you will have a trim and healthy kitty.

Playing with your cat will help her to become assured and confident.

It is by playing with their siblings that young kittens learn how to relate to each other.

This play learning also helps their relationships with other animals, such as any other pets that you have, and with humans.

You can help to continue your cat's social education by playing with her. Daily playtimes will boost her confidence. Your cat will be able to interact with humans and not be a timid and shy cat.

A playtime with your cat could help you sleep at night.

Yes seriously. You know how it is with cats, they spend a big chunk of the daytime sleeping.

With some cats the day is one long catnap. Although not strictly nocturnal, cats are more active in the night, particularly around dusk and dawn.

This is because that is a better time for them to hunt their prey. You feed your cat well so there is no need for her to hunt, but the instincts are still there.

Some cats are so active and noisy at night that it makes sleep for their humans impossible.

One answer to that problem is playing with your cat about an hour before you go to bed. Hopefully this will tire your cat enough for her not to be so active during the night and enable you to get some shut eye, ( See - Cat Awake. )

Playing with your cat will help develop her hunting abilities.

cat playing with fishing toy.Interactive toys make playing with your cat fun for both of you.

A cat that is kept indoors does not, usually, have a chance to hunt wildlife and that's a good thing.

But hunting is a cat's natural instinct that an indoor cat does not have the chance to develop and that might not be such a good thing.

Playing with your cat can help, especially playing with Interactive Cat Toys.

These kind of toys encourage your cat to chase, hunt and pounce. Rolling a ball, or a scrunched up piece of paper, gives your cat something to chase after, so too does a toy pulled along on a piece of string.

Laser chaser toys can be good fun for both you and your cat, but take care not to shine the beam in your cat's eyes.

It is a good idea to have a selection of interactive toys for your cat but only use a couple in each play session. Playing with a different toy the next time will help to keep your cat interested and amused.

Never encourage or allow your kitten or cat to play with your hands. Cats should learn your hands are not playthings.

If your cat thinks that it is alright to play with your hands, you will end up with scratches and bites. It would be a very hard habit to break.

Playing can keep your cat out of trouble.

You cannot spend all your time playing with your cat of course, it is good if she has a selection of toys to play with on her own.

These toys will help keep her out of mischief . If she has something to amuse herself with, she is less likely to cause damage or hurt herself, by playing with she shouldn't.

Be sure that anything left out for your cat to play with is safe. Cats can easily swallow small objects and pieces of string or cord. Cats should not be allowed to play with plastic bags.

Playing is fun for your cat!

Hey! We all like to have a bit of fun – cats do too. It could be a boring life for a cat without a bit of fun in it. A game with you can brighten up your cat's day and make her life less monotonous.

It gives her something to look forwards to.

Playing with your cat is fun for you too!

Another good reason for a daily play session. It's so much fun for you!

A cat is a wonderful pet just to have around to admire its beauty and for its company. But how much better for you to enjoy a little fun by playing with your cat. Cat play good for your cat, good for you!  

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