Pregnant Cat Symptoms: Is
Your Cat Expecting?

These pregnant cat symptoms can tell you if your cat is likely to be carrying kittens.

One of the first cat pregnancy symptoms that you may notice is that your cat is not coming into heat around every two weeks.

No yowling, no rolling on the floor with her hindquarters in the air, no itching to get outside . . . yep, it's quite possible that your cat is pregnant.

It just might be that your cat eats a bit less in the early stages of her pregnancy. But, unsurprisingly, as the pregnancy progresses she will most certainly eat more, and with some cats it's considerably more.

Your cat's nipples will swell a little and and change in color to a deep coral pink.

This symptom is known as pinking and will be more noticeable if this is the first time your cat has become pregnant. Sometimes not all the nipples turn pink.

If you do not notice the early pregnant cat symptoms, your cat's abdomen will probably be quite visibly swollen around the fifth week of pregnancy and that should leave you in little doubt that your cat is expecting a litter.

However, do be aware that there are other possible reason’s that your queen’s abdomen could be enlarged. If you have any worries, contact your veterinarian.

mom cat feeding kittens

Your cat may have a few bouts of morning sickness, not all queens do, it is normal and nothing to worry about.

For the first few weeks of her pregnancy there won't be much of a change in your cat's personality. Later though her behavior may alter.

As she is not going into heat she will lose interest in tomcats, but she may also be unfriendly towards any cats she shares her home with, not all pregnant queens do this.

It is possible that your cat will show you extra attention, and demand some extra attention from you during the later weeks of her pregnancy. She will probably stay inside the house a lot more and spend a lot more of her time snoozing.

At the later stage of her pregnancy your cat's appetite will increase even more and she will likely want to eat more frequently too.

Many veterinarians recommend feeding pregnant queens on kitten food because it is high in calories.

Your cat may pay a lot of attention to grooming herself, perhaps becoming obsessed with it, she may also start to cry and howl, although not all pregnant queens do.

The Final Symptom

And now the final one of the pregnant cat symptoms – Nesting. About two weeks before your cat is due to give birth she will look for a place to nest.

She will be seeking a place that is warm, draft free, quiet and where she feels will be a safe location to deliver her kittens.

image of cute kittens
Cute kittens, do the pregnant cat symptoms tell you that your cat is expecting a litter?

If you leave the choice entirely to her, she may decide that your bed is ideal, so it's best to keep all bedroom doors closed.

Keep closet doors closed too, unless you don't mind the closet used as a nest.

The best plan is to provide a couple of cardboard boxes filled with paper for mom-to-be to tear up and make a nest.

Leave these boxes in suitable places, she will choose the box she likes the best.

Don't use boxes that are too small, the new kittens will remain in the nest for some time and they grow quickly.

Your cat probably will not appreciate other pets being around, or too many humans, when she is nesting and when she has delivered her kitties.

Will Your Pregnant Cat Need The Vet?

Should you have your vet check your cat over if you think she is pregnant?

tabby kitten

Should you have your vet check your cat over if you think she is pregnant? If, despite the pregnant cat symptoms that you observe, you are still unsure if your cat is expecting kittens or not, then your veterinarian will be able to tell you for sure.

Your veterinarian will also be able to tell you approximately how many kittens your mom cat to be is expecting. And, of course, give you reassurance that everything is going well and quite normal.

Do not give your cat any medication unless prescribed by your veterinarian when aware that your cat is pregnant.

But in most cases cats cope very well with birth and as long as your cat is healthy, eating well, drinking water and is not showing any signs of distress, then a visit to the vet should not be necessary.

Was it a surprise to find out that your cat is expecting a litter of kittens? How many kittens will she have? Three, four, five?

Those kittens will grow to be cats, are you going to keep them all? If not, now that the pregnant cat symptoms have told you the little ones are on their way it would be better to start finding good, responsible homes for them rather than leaving it till they are born. But please don't hassle your friends to adopt a kitten.

If someone says they will take a kitten just to please you, the kitten will likely end up without a home.

Sadly, there are far more kittens born each year than there are people willing to adopt and care for them. Please do consider getting your cat fixed.

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