Safe and Happy Inside

by Timecow
(Grass Valley, CA)

Lots of entertainment will keep your indoor cat mentally stimulated.

Lots of entertainment will keep your indoor cat mentally stimulated.

Lots of entertainment will keep your indoor cat mentally stimulated.
And of course... LOTS of play and exercise
Though a bit of LAZY time is good once in a while
Safe and secure... now THAT'S something to smile about!

I have an all-indoor cat, and for me, that's the only way I would ever have a cat. There are just far too many dangers outside UNLESS you have a cat-safe yard or area that a cat con not escape from.

There are many systems being made now that give cats a safe way to get outside for some fresh air and some exercise. Unfortunately, all of them are fairly expensive, and so not an option for everyone. I really like the enclosed catwalks that can be set up in just about any size and design, and have seen some really impressive set-ups, but these are the most expensive of all of the systems I have found.

Though I would always keep any cat indoors, in my case, I have more to worry about than the already numerous dangers out there. Unfortunately, my cat Wooster is a Pica kitty. Pica is a condition found in cats, dogs, and even people. It is a condition that makes them have a compulsion to eat "non-food" items, which can cause serious health problems, and are often fatal. Because of this, if Wooster were to go outside, he would be filled with rocks, sticks, and who knows what else in no time at all. Inside I can create an environment that is safe, and keep the Pica behavior from being a problem. I play with him often and give him a lot of attention, and he is a very healthy and very happy kitty. Even without the Pica, I would never risk having a cat outside. I know quite a few other indoor only cats, and none of them seem to have any problems as a result of it.

I could just never let a cat outside with all the risks there are, especially in this day and age. Traffic, wild animals, disease, and teenagers... There are so many ways for a cat to be hurt or killed. As long as a cat has things to do and gets plenty of attention, they will do just fine indoors...

...and they will be safe.

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Wooster is a happy cat.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Timecow,

You certainly do have an extra reason for keeping Wooster indoors. I must admit that I know hardly anything about Pica in cats, it is something that I shall have to study and when I do I may write a page about the condition. (Update page now online - Pica In Cats

We can all see that Wooster is a happy cat, thanks to you ensuring that he has a happy and contented indoor life. But his condition must mean that you have to be on your toes ensuring there is nothing that could find its way into your cat's mouth.

Yes, cat enclosures are not cheap and they are best used when the cat is supervised. In Wooster's case he would have to be supervised I guess. But he is happy, he has his indoor domain and he has love and care.

More fantastic pictures. Another flying cat photo and a great smile from a handsome cat.

Larry (Editor)

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