Sammy, My jet black feline friend!

by Casey
(London, UK)

Sammy relaxing on the carpet!

Sammy relaxing on the carpet!

I bought Sammy from a breeder that lived a street away from me. She was the crazy cat lady of our town- she always had litters of kittens to sell!

When I saw Sammy, she was covered head to toe in dust- At first i thought she was grey! We soon found out that Sammy had a habit of sneaking away under the floorboards to chase all the spiders- and almost always came back with cobwebs in her whiskers and a present for her brothers and sisters. She has a long black fur and bright yellow eyes.

When I first bought her home she was very apparent that sometimes she can be unsocialble. She has always been much happier doing her own thing. It was her choice if she wanted to grab your attention. Otherwise there was no chance of any cuddles! She has always been a very proud, and often very fussy cat!

Now she's four years old, still beautiful as ever and so attentive to emotions of my family. When my little sister cries, she's always the first to be waiting for her on her bed to cheer her up. Although she's unsocialble at the best of times, we think he motherly instict kicks in when it's needed most!

Her favorite spot is sitting on the window sill waiting for us to return home from work or school. When we go on holiday and a neighbour looks after her- she makes sure that we are throuroughly 'punished' for leaving her for so long by blinking at us with a rather unimpressed look of disaproval. She really does have a personality of her own. She struts around the house as if she owns everything, head held high and tail erect behind her!

We all love our Sammy!

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Mar 23, 2008
Sammy is there for you.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Casey,

All cats do their own thing sometimes, well maybe most of the time :-)

Good to read that Sammy is there for you and your sister when you need her though. She sounds like a great cat.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us.

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