Seamus, my Little Bundle of Blackness

by Amber
(Herndon, VA, USA)

Chillaxin by the screen door lovin' the sun...

Chillaxin by the screen door lovin' the sun...

Seamus came to me in September, 3 years ago. He was a 10 month old runt, who contrary to typical runt stories, stayed small at under 9 lbs. He was supposed to be a foster kitten who had been quarantined most of his kitten life after testing week positive for FeLV. When I got him, I too had to quarantine him as I have other kitties.

Seamus was quarantined in my bathroom the first week. I was told I'd only have him a week or two before the new FeLV test results came back.

3 weeks later, the results came back inconclusive so he had to be tested yet again. Fast forward 3 more weeks and he FINALLY tested negative. Whew!!

At this point, there was NO WAY I was adopting him out. He'd crawled his tiny little self into my heart and latched on.

At 6 months, he decided one morning that he was Alpha. It's been three years and he holds a firm grip on the household as my little big man. His housemates are all between 15-20lbs yet he rules with an iron paw.

He talks non stop, sleeps with his head crammed into my arm pit and if he doesn't get his snacks as soon as we wake up every morning we hear about it both vocally and by finding the treat container out of the cabinet and on the floor all day long, even after he's gotten them.

He's definitely a character. I've likened him to a surly old man. There's an old soul in this one, no doubt!

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Oct 07, 2009
Funny stuff.
by: Eric

Not only does your cat look like mine. You named your cat Seamus, I named my cat Semos, lol. He is named after the Planet of the Apes character. It happens to be an anagram for Moses.

Sep 28, 2009
I miss my Black Jack.
by: Anonymous

Your cat Seamus looks so much like my Black Jack sadly long gone.

I am so glad for you that he tested negative, you must have been so relieved. Why is it that so many people have something against black cats. Black Jack was the brightness in my day, I still miss him.

Jul 11, 2009
your black cat is beautiful
by: Jobaputra

Oh my what a beauty. It does not matter that he is small it is good that he is now well. Such a photograph.

Jul 09, 2009
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Amber,

I'm not in the least bit surprised that Seamus found his way into your heart. I would think he will find his way into the hearts of everyone who sees his magnificent photograph.

What an adorable black cat. Thank goodness that he tested negative, that must have been joyous news for you. A 'surly old man' :0) Yes, a good description of a lot of cats I've known too, they were lovable though.

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your story and photograph of Seamus.

Larry (Editor)

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