Short life

by Isobel Mooney
(167 Caladonian Rd Wishaw Ml2 0HT)

One day around 18 months ago,a black cat sat outside my window on the wall.shy as is was I put some dog food out for it, you see I have three little dogs, 2 rescued and 1 my own. Each day I would put food out and gradually win her trust this all took part during summer which I might add was a very nice summer. Come the start of winter, as many times i would bring her into the home for heatas by this time I could stroke her and even brush her. I started to call her lucky, lucky to have found me. Still I could not get her to stay indoors, so I purchased a large cat litter box and a cat dome to put inside, she adapted to ir very well and where I had placed it was out of the rain and wind.
This continued for as I said 18 months os so then one Monday morning I took her food to where she was sleeping and some cat milk. Later that day lucky was on the wall, her head slightly down, my thoughts were she was making the most of the sun that was out. Before I had gone to work that evening I put the outside lights on and had gone out to give lucky her evening meal. To this is where I found her lying on the ground, she had passed away, I was extremely sad and even cried at work. Next day I proceeded to dig a hole in my garden and there I put her to rest. Every other day I visit her grave, I miss her so much. Some times I feel guilty thinking I should have tried much harder. Well lucky is at peach now, may she be with angels of her own kind.
Yours sincerely
Isobel Mooney.

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