Silly Cat Mr Robin.

by Larry

Mr Robin can be a very silly cat

Mr Robin can be a very silly cat

It is high time that I posted a new photo of Mr Robin now that he has grown some. Well I've learned a little more about my digital camera (technology tends to baffle me)and managed to get some shots of him, this is about the best.

He is at a stage that I would call just short of being a cat, still a bit of a kitten at heart.

Is he a silly cat? Sometimes he is, especially in the early morning when I'm dashing around trying to get ready to go off to work, then Mr Robin can be a very silly cat :0)

But most times he is as good as gold really, considering that he is left on his own all day. He sure gives me a warm welcome when I arrive home, a welcoming that is great to come home too.

He is a very affectionate cat and loves all the attention, stroking he can get. He loves to play and can be a little rough sometimes, he just doesn't realize how sharp his claws are, but he is never mean.

He still loves to chase paper balls but these days is more fascinated by his toy mice that he bats about all over the place.

He likes his food, which is good, prefers the canned cat 'meat' to the dry food but does not seem to be fussy about the flavor or the brand, if it's in front of him he will eat it!

I can't help but see the similarity between Mr Robin and Harry and Cathy of Massachusetts cat Patches. (Harry we are not sharing the same cat are we? Patches/Robin does not cross the Atlantic and get fed in two places does he? :0))

Mr Robin is a blessing in my life, I would not part with him for a king's ransom.

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Silly Cat and a Bucket.

by Larry (editor)
(London, England.)

The cat and bucket game.

The cat and bucket game.

Mr Robin being a silly cat playing one of his favorite games, fishing in the bucket for his favorite toy.

I received an email from my friend Lesley of the East Devon Guide, telling me it was high time that I posted another picture of Mr Robin.

Lesley you are right. You would think that I'd have pictures of my own cat all over this site, I don't and here are my excuses :0)

I'm not a photographer, I take a lousy photo. If there is a way to mess up taking a picture then I will mess it up, can't help it, it comes naturally to me.

Secondly, my camera eats up the batteries like mad. I think they are fully charged then try to take some photos . . . and the low battery indicator comes on!

And finally, another reason that I haven't taken many photographs of my cat is . . . well, this place is usually in such a mess that I wouldn't want it on public display! Perhaps if I had the editing skills to take out the background. Or would it be easier to actually tidy the place up now and then? Mr Robin does not complain about the mess, but he doesn't help much with the cleaning either.

But just for you Lesley, and any other visitor who is wondering how Mr Robin is doing, I spent much energy tidying a corner, charged up the batteries enough to get a couple of shots and tried to get my silly cat to pose. Of course he had none of it and would not sit still for a second!

So, I got out an old bucket and his favorite toy. If I throw the toy into the bucket he loves to dive in head first and then sit in the bucket with his toy in his mouth looking cute. That's the shot I tried to get.

Naturally, Mr Robin being a cat he would not perform to order. The best I could get is the one above of him fishing the toy out with his paw.

I will try to take photographs of him more frequently, but maybe I'll need to hire someone to tidy my flat, if anyone is brave enough for the job.

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