Snowshoe Cats

Meet Mojo, the Snowhoe Cat. Photo: Carole Carey

Snowshoe Cats : Cats of very pleasing appearance and personality.

The origin of the Snowshoe breed is generally referenced as being from a litter produce by a Siamese cat belonging to Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty a breeder working in Philadelphia in the late 1960s.

Dorothy was intrigued by the markings of three of the litter who had the pointed pattern with white mittens and boots.

She worked for a number of years attempting to establish this variety as a breed.

However some sources point to an attempt to create a breed of Siamese cats with white mittens back in the 1950s to be known as Silver Laces.

More breeders took an interest in developing Snowshoe Cats as a breed, in particular Vikki Olander of Norfolk, Virginia.

Eventually after a lot of work the breed slowly became recognized in the early 1980s.

The Appearance of The Snowshoe

Snowshoe cats are of medium build, sturdy but athletic, rather a long body with medium length legs, not cobby.

Females are generally smaller than males.

Snowshoe cat.Providing they have company, most Snowshoe cats are content to spend their time inside, making them an ideal choice for being kept as indoor only cats. Image CC wikimedia

As most of the Siamese used for out-crossing are of the Traditional (or Applehead) type, the Snowshoe has a rounded triangular head, flat forehead and largish ears with rounded tips.

The eyes of this breed are often described as being walnut shaped, they are of a beautiful blue and often very bright.

Many show standard Snowshoes have a white inverted "V" shaped marking over the nose and muzzle.

The markings that earned this breed its name are, of course, the white markings on all four paws, mittens on the front paws and boots on the rear paws. A most attractive cat.

Like their Siamese ancestors, Snowshoe kittens are born completely white and only begin to show their coat markings and color after some weeks.

Snowshoe Cats Personality

Photo: Bernie H.

The Snowshoe is a breed of cat with personality aplenty, famous for providing their humans with constant amusement.

These cats are generally very sociable, mixing amiably with other cats and pets. Very much at home with a family of humans, many Snowshoes tolerate children well as they do not startle easily and are quite comfortable with a lot of noise.

Confident, energetic and boisterous, these cats love activity and are always ready to enjoy a Cat Playtime.

Although a Snowshoe may have a favorite human they are usually affectionate towards all members of the family and are of a loving nature.

Snowshoe cat closeup facePhoto: ppsa2mi

Not as talkative as the Siamese, and with a softer voice, most Snowshoes will make themselves heard when they require your attention, which can be quite often.

Not a cat that likes to be left alone while their human is at work, most Snowshoes will nonetheless be content to spend the day in the company of another cat, or cats.

A home loving cat. Providing they have company, most Snowshoe cats are content to spend their time inside, making them an ideal choice for being kept as indoor only cats.

The snowshoe cat breed is reputed to love high places, as do many cats, if you want to know where your Snowshoe is, look up and you will likely see that you are being observed from on high.

Water holds a fascination for Snowshoes, that's not to say that they are swimming cats like the Turkish Van or that they willingly allow you to bathe them, but turn on the faucet and your Snowshoe will delight in swiping and batting at the running water, and shaking the drips from her paws.

Snowshoes are of course individuals, so some of these cats will have these personality traits in greater or lesser proportions.

These felines are not only possessed of great beauty but great intelligence as well.

A closet or cabinet has not only to be closed but also locked, otherwise your Snowshoe will likely figure a way to open it. With patience you will be able to teach your Snowshoe many tricks.

People who share their lives with Snowshoe Cats . . .

  • Enjoy a pet that is amiable and affectionate.
  • Have a cat companion that is at home with a family and at ease with young children.
  • Can teach their intelligent feline many tricks.
  • Have a cat that gets on well with other cats.
  • Have a cat that is not only very pleasing to the eye but is not short of personality.

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