Some reasons my cat bites me.

by Dee Brightman
(Hallandale Beach FL)

Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes

When Bright Eyes was less than a year old, I practiced her playing with a mouse like toy tied at the end of a string. I wrote down things she learned and had over 100 things she did like falling on her side with it between her paws, or clawing it with her hind feet, jumping for it, etc. When she was hungry, I didn't realize how much energy that playing took, she would run onto our bed and jump on us including our faces. Well, I fed her more and we had less of that problem.
But now she bites my wrist. There are three main triggers for her. One, she has walked by several times for me to feed her and I don't respond soon enough. She gets impatient! And thinks I don't understand?
Two, I'm talking on the phone for a long time and especially if I laugh, she will attack my wrist. She is jealous.
Three, my friend and I enjoy watching animal videos and laughing about how cute they are. She wants us to pay attention to her, not them.
So, I finally had a puncture wound and after a week I went to my doctor and got a tetanus shot and antibiotics as the swelling started moving up my arm.
So, I'm trying several things to help me with my jealous kitty.
1. Give her a little more special kitty time.
2. Go into a different room and shut the door when I have a long call. 3. We already cut back on the petting time to two or three strokes behind her ears and then remove her from the lap.
4. We give her treats to distract her and make her happy.
5. When the pupils in her eyes expand to fill the whole eye, I know she is in attack mode, so I get up and divert her attention to something else, like feeding her. I want to calm her down, so I don't play with her then.
6. I have also put a long sleeve on or a band around my wrist. She looked at it, knowing I was protecting myself!
I guess she is training me :)

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by: katy

I think that now Bright Eyes thinks she's no longer a kitten, she is letting you know. As her biting and clawing doesn't seem to be all affectionate and sometimes is a bit of jealousy, I'd say she is telling you who is the boss.
I'd suggest you keep up the attention because even though she is bigger she has learnt to please you with her antics and needs the reassurance that she is used to and used to love when she was small. She wants you to be pleased with her.
If she is too rough while playing you have to let her know by stopping play. If she is biting to say play with me then gently put her to one side and begin the play when she has stopped. If you play when she bites she will bite to let you know it's playtime.


by: Joan

I think you really have Bright Eyes number. Or does she have yours? I have thought about this alot. Do we really train our animals (cats and dogs) or do they train us? I think it is most likely both.


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