Sparrow & Starling (Black Cats)

by Chasity
(Kenosha, WI 53143)

Sparrow & Starling playing around.

Sparrow & Starling playing around.

It all started on a cold winter day. My best friend Maddie came to me and said,"I'm getting a kitten,Chasity." See Maddie lives in Sparta. So I never get to see her. This day was really cool for me.

She ended up sleeping over! "Lets go look at the kittens",said Maddie. "Where do they sell kittens in Kenosha",she asked excited? My mom agreed to take us to Petco. To see if the animal shelter came to help sell more kittens. Our luck! They were gone.

A worker there told us that they leave at five.
Sad as we were she told us that they'd be there tomorrow. I'm sure you can guess what happens next. Yes,we did it, we went to Petco the next day. The first thing that caught our eyes was a orange kitten.

"Is that kitten for sale,"we asked. "SOLD",the words were like a needle going through the fabric slow but very sharply. "Every other kitten except that one."

Our luck I thought again the one we like happens to be the only one thats sold.

The girl came over to us. "You,know",she said. "You can get two black cats for the price of one."

"Why is that",asked my mom?

"Well,because not a lot of people like black cats,"said the girl.

Thats when it hit me. How could people not like black cats? It must be because of superstition. What else could it be? Me and Maddie had a different side.

She showed Maddie these two brothers. They were only five months old. She wasn't going to let superstition get in the way.She feel in love with the cats. "Their names are Sparrow and Starling," the girl said.

She began telling us that they already have their shots and everything. So it was a very good deal!
So Maddie ended up getting Sparrow and starling. She didn't regret it at all. I'm glad she did!

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Nov 01, 2009
landlord does not allow.
by: No Cat

How I wish my landlord would allow cats. I would get a black one because they are the cutest of all cats.

Better yet I would have two like you. your cats are positively beautiful.

Dec 25, 2007
Handsome Black Cats!
by: Larry (Editor)

Oh, what handsome black cats! Sparrow and Starling look really magnificent in your excellent photo.

And two for the price of one, your friend Maddie was really lucky (you see, black cats do bring good luck!) And I think that you are right, some people don't like black cats because of all the superstitions about them. Superstition is a powerful thing. But we know that black cats are just fine, just as loving as any other cat don't we ;-)

Thank you very much indeed for sharing about Sparrow and Starling with us and for the great picture too.


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