Storma the Brave and the Cats Play House

by Katy

Storma the Brave

Storma the Brave

Storma the Brave

Well it's happened again. I don't really understand it but another cat was found walking in circles near my home in a violent rainstorm. A friend of my son brought her to me and asked very nicely if I would look after her.

I was about to say "No more cats!" then looked at her and saw that look, it's the look that says "Phew! I found you" and there was something....
It turns out she is the bravest and cleverest cat I have ever met. She plays with the ferret on a ball toy that the other cats only watch warily from the safety of the chairs and she has taught Snowbrung how to play with the cat-it-senses toy. They sit one either side and push the ball to each other. She attacks the Vacuum cleaner!
She decides when it's time for me to get up in the mornings and wakes me up by nuzzling my face.

She likes cat food but will eat almost anything, especially baked beans which she loves. I've never known a cat with as much outgoing personality. At first she used to play with her claws out and Snowbrung patiently taught her to retract them and now she doesn't. They talk to each other in oriental catspeak.

Jesse likes her but doesn't get too close. Jesse is recovering from severe allergic reaction to Frontline, she has a few different allergies. I used Advantage and Allerderm and she's growing her winter coat now. Spangle is her normal mad self and sits looking at her planning secretly how to get me to leave the door open so they all run away. Spangle won't go near the cat playhouse unless the others aren't in it.

All of them were rescued. Sadly I lost Nimbus a while back, he was the other one someone found walking in circles outside my house in the rain.

Anyway I didn't intend to write anything, only came here to share pictures of my cat playhouse. It's made from pheasant netting and a polytunnel frame with a few bits of wood and tied together with potatoe sack ties. All my own work and idea and I put a chicken coop inside for shelter if they want it.

I had to make it when I was having a new kitchen because Snowbrung is a pedigree RagDoll and can't go out into the world alone, they don't defend themselves, being the friendliest cats imaginable.

So here is Storma the Brave and the Cat Playhouse, and the robins love it :)

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Oct 02, 2012
Jack is home.
by: Anonymous

I know that situation. Every one said one more cat would be one too many, I agreed with them too!!

Then he showed up. It was as if I didn't have a say in the matter, he was here and he was home. No collar no chip, but as healthy as can be and he had been to see the vet.

I expected every one to protest seeing how they were so adamant that enough was enough, but they did not. they too knew this is Jack's home. Like your cat, Jack fits in with the others because he belongs here.

Sep 29, 2012
A pink nosed beauty.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Katy,

Well I certainly can see why you could not refuse Storma, she is gorgeous!

She looks so much like my own cat with her cow markings and mask and I'm a sucker for pink nosed cats :0)

Glad to know that Storma has settled in with your other cats and is teaching them a thing or two. Sorry to read of Jessie's problems and you loss of Nimbus.

I bet your cats love their playhouse. Always a great idea for allowing your cats some time outside without the dangers. Don't listen to Spangle :0)

Thank you Katy for introducing Storma the Brave to us, your posts are always so interesting.

Larry (editor)

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