Story of my black cat

by Lexii
(Ontario, Canada.)

I had just woken him up for the picture. He looks sleepy.

I had just woken him up for the picture. He looks sleepy.

I have a black cat, and his name is Baby.
He was a stray when we found him. He actually scratched on our door, late one summer night. He must've only been 2 months in age. Where he came from- we don't know.

We took him in after putting posters around for a missing kitten. No one claimed him, so we adopted him.

He has a white spot between his hind legs/lower stomach area. But otherwise, he's completely black. He's got those big, green eyes. His coat is extremely soft. Medium length fur.

He's over 3 years old now, and his grown a lot since the day we found him. We found him when I was 12.

He loves attention. He likes to be held. He loves to sleep. And he loves to sit in flower gardens.

He almost died 2 years ago...
He had an eating disorder. He couldn't eat. Sometimes, I put food in his mouth, and made him chew it, but he always spit it out...

I tried giving him milk through a syringe, but it'd foam out of his mouth. He lost 10 pounds in a week. We got really scared. My dad took him to the vet, and gave him medication. He got better.

He's the highlight to my family's life.
He's the new "baby" in the family.

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May 25, 2010
Black Cats
by: Anonymous

We have a big black cat also, he looks exactly like Baby. He also scratches on our door when he wants to come in. We adopted him 3 yrs ago. He likes to sit in flower gardens too! He loves rolling in the dirt, and laying in the sun. His name is Gary. Cats are great!

Sep 10, 2009
Big Cat.
by: Anonymous

Could be the camera angle but your Baby does look a big cat.! Nice cat anyway.

Aug 04, 2009
You have yourself a fine black cat.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Lexii,

Oh my, What a big beautiful black cat Baby is!

Thank you very much indeed for sharing his photograph and story with us.

Baby does indeed look like he has just woken up. It looks like he does not know whether to go back to sleep or attack the camera :0)

Cats are not fools, he came and scratched at your door because he knew that you would love him and take care of him.

Thank goodness that he got over his eating disorder, you have yourself a fine black cat there.

Larry (Editor)

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