Want to Feel Better? Try Stroking Your Cat!

By Larry Chamberlain.

Stroking your cat can be good for your health! It has long been known that pet ownership is good for you, we all need someone or something to love.

It is also believed that stroking a pet, such as a cat, reduces stress levels and helps you to have a more positive perspective on life.

Stroking a cat, and listening to the sound of its contented purring, reduces tension and lowers your blood pressure it is believed.

A study was made of a group of people before and after they acquired a pet, the majority reported that their health had improved in as little as three to nine months.

The people who owned dogs reported the greatest health benefits, probably because of the exercise involved in walking the dog, but cat owners too said that they felt a lot better even though they were not so active.

Many senior citizens homes have "residential" cats, and staff report these pets as being of great benefit to the human residents, helping them feel more comfortable and to remind them of normal home life.

The physical contact with the pet can be therapeutic, and the activity needed to care for the cat gives the seniors an enhanced sense of purpose.

tabby cat face

The need for medications falls quite substantially in nursing homes where there is a cat available for stroking, and the act of stroking can help recovery after an illness.

Of course, it is not only seniors that benefit from the company of a cat.

Whatever your age sharing your home with a cat means that you will need the services of your doctor less often, less likely to be depressed and be less likely to feel isolated or lonely.

Children can also benefit from having pets in the home.

Studies have shown that many children believe that their cat helps them with their relationships with other family members and and with their friends.

The American Journal of Cardiology published an article in 1995 attesting that those of us that own pets are more likely to make a recovery from a heart attack than non pet owners.

One of the explanations for this was that stroking a pet releases endorphins into the brain calming the nervous system, and therefore lowering your heart rate.

cat being strokedIt is believed that stroking your cat reduces the risk of heart attack, reduces stress, lowers cholesterol levels and helps you to maintain a positive outlook.

In yet another study scientist looked at a large group of adults, about half this group were cat owners.

It was found that about a third more of the adults who did not own a cat died within ten years of a heart attack than did those that did own a cat. That's more convincing evidence that keeping the company of a feline friend can be a benefit to your health.

So, if you want to feel better, forget about your favorite tipple, forget about chocolate, simply go stroke your cat.

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