by Keziah

I don't like how people did this to cats I mean I'm 10 and I'm an animal lover but thees morons are stupid enough to believe this stuff its sad.

Though my mother grew up having pets same 4 me & my siblings but this is just gonna get worst if we don't do anything about it. But any way its Halloween when people do this stupidity I freaking hate it. Kidnapping and raping kids its all stupid.

My mom had pets stolen, poisoned and killed, but we need to do something about it cause its sssssssoooooooooo stupid to do this to animals and owners and putting people in so much stress.

So if you care reach out and stop this stupidity, I'm Keziah Foster this is my message, I'm 10 I wanna be a vet and help animals. Thank you posted 1/18/13

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Jan 21, 2013
black cats
by: Katy (again)

I just noticed that your post linked to the page about black cats and the way people used to treat them and now I understand what made you write the page about stupidity!
Yes people were totally awful in those days that we call Medieval or Dark Ages, they thought that animals had no souls! totally stupid.
But if you go back further in history to the Egyptians about 2 thousand years ago or more, they treated cats with respect and even had a cat goddess called Baast who was the goddess of the home. They loved their cats so much that when they eventually died, they would build really nice memorials.

Jan 21, 2013
Changing the World
by: katy

For someone who's 10 you are very articulate and have very good skills and a good grasp of language. I think you might actually be a bit older really.
Halloween isn't all that bad where I live, most people seem to enjoy it in a nice way. Perhaps because Yorkshire people have a strong cultural identity that we think of as celtic like the Scots, Welsh and Irish.
It used to be worse when we had Mischeivous Night (4th November, the day before Bonfire night). Most people just did things like tie a rope between people's dustbin lids and door handles, or leave a needle tapping on their windows and things like that, but sometimes you'd hear of really nasty acts of cruelty to small animals including cats. I thought people had learnt better now but yes there's still a few sickos around.
When I was at school it was a very long time ago, I once saw an ad in a paper asking for volunteers to begin a "busy bees" club and I took it to school and we organised everyone to raise money for the PDSA ( People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) We even got our school mentioned in the paper!
Keziah, the best way to stop things like this is to set a good example and help people to understand that inside every living being, whatever it is, even a mouse, there is a spirit of life with feelings and awareness. At the moment I am raising a baby crow that was injured. I read recently that if even only a few people have positive thoughts of love for the life of our world and meditate about peace it has a good effect on the local crime rate. Spread a little happiness around you and you'll be headed in the right direction.

Jan 19, 2013
Human beings can be stupid and cruel.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Keziah,

Thank you very much for your post. For someone who is only ten you make a lot of grown up sense.

Yes, people who deliberately hurt animals or other human beings are stupid, worse than that they are wicked. We must remember that we are all here to respect one another and other life.

Happily there are also many good people on this earth, not everyone is wicked.

A vet is a marvelous thing to want to be, good for you Keziah. Study hard and I'm sure that you will make a wonderful vet and help lots of cats and other animals.

Take care and thank you for posting once again.

Larry (editor)

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