The Biting She Beast.

by Bart M. Groeneveld

I had an alley cat one time that I tamed. This she beast was as black as the night, as black as coal, if it wasn't for her emerald green eyes you would not see her coming at you from out of the dark!

That's not your gospel truth, but it sounds good don't it. She was mostly black but had one white patch on her belly and a small one at the base of her tail. Her eyes were green but a dark deep green. Is true tho, that you could trip over her in the dark for want of seeing her.

The reason I started feeding her I don't know, she wasn't skinny or scraggly, I got to learn that she was good at catching her own meals. It wasn't because she cried at me, she just sat and looked at me when I went in or out from my door. But take her in I did.

Did I say I tamed her? Well . . . that is something else that is not strictly gospel truth. The real truth is I learned to live with her, mostly by her rules.

You want to know about biting don't you, yes but first her name. I called her lots of names but mostly the She Beast at first, which became shortened to Shebe, so that then was her name.

I watch TV, I watch it a lot, well you got to do something haven't you. Shebe liked to jump up on me when I sat watching and she would be happy to be fussed over. But if I stopped fussing over her and let her sit on me while I tried to watch the TV, that was a big no-no. That's when Shebe would bite at me. I say bite at me because I learned pretty damn quick to move my hand out of the way, so she was sort of snapping at me. If I put her down she would attack my legs, the only thing to do was to get her out the room!

Her attempted bites did not often connect and when they did I'm pretty damn sure that she was not using the full force of her jaw, otherwise it would have hurt a lot more than it did.

I can watch as much of the TV now without getting bitten, but you know what I'm going to say now, I'd as rather it wasn't so. I'd rather that old she Beast would be here to jump up and do her damnedest to stop me watching.

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They've just got to have it.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Bart,

I can relate to your problem of Shebe not wanting you to watch television, my cat often takes it into his head that I should not be working on my computer.

That's the thing with cats, when they want attention they've just got to have it :0)

I'm sorry that Shebe is no longer around to spoil your viewing though, you must have many happy memories of her.

For anyone else who has the same problem, I would say, if your cat insists on biting at you every time that you stop stroking her, then it is best that she is left outside the room while you watch television.

Thank you very much for telling us about Shebe Bart, she sounds a great cat in spite of her biting.

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