The day that broke my heart

by Amirk
(washington dc)

This cat is not Tutu but a black cat very much like her.

This cat is not Tutu but a black cat very much like her.

Tutu was the cat I had since I was a baby and I'm 12 she was a gift from God that was like a Nobel prize.

To me she was my friend before I had friends.

But one day she had to stay at my uncles house and I couldn't visit her often but she was there for me but she ending up having to use the bathroom and didn't make to her litter box then they took her to the pound without letting me know then when my mom told me.

They put her down I bust out into tears for two days which broke my heart because I wasn't there for her. She be back with her creator and she will rest in peace and I cant wait to meet her in the heavens in the hands of God.




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May 24, 2012
Sad for you.
by: Jobaputra

I am so sad reading your story, your uncle must be a man with no heart. I will never be understanding of how some person can be like that.

But you now know what a friend a cat can be. I am hoping that one day you can have a cat as a friend without your uncle around. So sorry because of what happened to your Tutu.

May 08, 2012
How sad ...
by: Caroline (UK)

Oh, Amiri, what a sad story. I'm so sorry. Our cats are very often our true friends and black cats are the best! I always wanted to have a black cat like Tutu. I'm sure she knew you loved her, cats are very sensitive.

I hope some day you'll be able to have another cat of your very own - I know you'd look after it well.

May 07, 2012
thank you
by: amiri

my name is actually amiri but it was my unlcles fault but i maid this article cause my dream is for everyone to know my story she was on this earth for a long time and lucky to have her

May 07, 2012
Good friend in a cat.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Amirk,

That really is heartbreaking, I'm truly sorry that happened.

You must have been really mad at your uncle, I know I would have been. But some people just do not understand how much of a friend a pet can be, they think oh it's only an animal. Perhaps your uncle is someone that things like floor coverings mean a lot to and he didn't see the little accident as just an accident.

Maybe he did not know what would happen when he took Tutu to the pound. I know that you are very upset about what happened, but maybe you can forgive your uncle, I'm sure that he is not a truly wicked man, he did not understand.

I hope too that you will one day find another good friend in a cat.

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