The Great Gabby

by Shezka Foxe

Gabby is a small black cat still the size of a kitten. She is six months old now, but at barely a month old she escaped death three times.

I had just gotten a new car, and decided to take a drive in it with my mom. I promised her I would only go around the neighborhood, so we drove around the corner. I had to pull over to allow another car to pass since I wasn't paying attention. As the car pulled away I noticed small ball of fur crying and limping towards a line of silver SUVs.

Mom and I shrieked, thinking that this poor small kitten that could barely walk had gotten its leg run over by the car that had just passed us. Mom and I immediately jumped out of the car and ran over to the SUVs, desperately searching for the small kitten. After twenty minutes I finally found her under one of the tires, but she wasn't scared. This small kitten, barely big enough to fit into the palm of my hand, only had four teeth in her mouth, hissed and scratched at us.

I was scared to touch her at first since I didn't want to scare her more, but after distracting her with one hand I managed to grab her by the scruff of her neck and drag her out. Mom quickly wrapped her in her jacket and we took her home.

That night it rained all night, the rain was freezing cold and felt like ice. In the meantime the kitten (we hadn't yet named her) was housed in a box with a warm blanket. Mom and I had looked over her, and found that she wasn't injured in any way shape or form. We concluded that the car had only gone over her and scared her.

But my question was, why is this seemingly small, little black kitten who can barely walk doing away from her mother? So the next day while my mom was at work I took Gabby (Mom had named her since Percy was a boy's name and I didn't realize she was a girl until I checked) and drove back to the place where we had found her.

After questioning a few people I finally met a middle aged man, who told me he had seen Gabby just a week earlier actually waddling around the sidewalk. He had meant to take her home, but thinking she belonged to someone else had left her alone. After more research I found out that Gabby was actually the runt in her litter, and her mother had rejected her.

I have no idea how this small kitten survived all on her own. I didn't see any other kittens her size wandering around, but I did spot her mother. Apparently no one else had cats that had previously just had kittens. I had noticed a stray black cat, however, that wandered around the neighborhood and her belly was now flat.

Mom and I had meant to take Gabby to the pound, but the next day I looked her and said, "We can't get rid of Gabby."

"Why?" My Mom asked me.

"Because, I've fallen in love with her."

Gabby was a surprise, but in my heart I believe she was a blessing. Sometimes I wonder if fate didn't just plant her there for me, because we had already agreed to adopt another kitten from a neighbor that was a gray and white male. While I adore Fritz, Gabby is special to me.

Before she came along I had been dealing with issues concerning with my father, since he kicked me out the day right after I graduated from high school. I was devastated, and had to move clear across the country to just live with my mom.

Gabby healed me, since now I had to learn again what it was like to care for something that was completely helpless, and in this I came to just fall in love with Gabby. To me she's my baby, she follows me around the house everywhere, and when I got sick she never left my side. Instead, contenting herself by simply curling up on my pillow and dozing off.

Gabby is also patient with my four year old brother, and never scratches him or anyone else. My brother can pull her tail, pick her up, and carry her around the house and she just won't care. She's a remarkable little cat, and I love her with all my heart.

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Mar 05, 2011
by: Anonymous

Your cat is truly a 'blessing' for you and fate did place her there for you to save her, you can be sure of that.

When fate comes calling you can't escape it.

Feb 24, 2011
Little sweetheart.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Shezka,

Hey Gabby is a little sweetheart.

It was very good of you to stop to check on a kitten that had just been hit by a car, many people would not have done that. And because you were good enough to stop you got yourself a darling little black cat.

Gabby was lucky that her leg was not injured.

Was it fate that you should find her? Well it certainly seems that way doesn't it :0)

Thank you very much Shezka, for sharing your heartwarming story with us.

Larry (Editor)

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