The indoor/outdoor cat debate.

by Monica



I just wanted to thank you for your page devoted to the indoor/outdoor cat debate. It was refreshing to find a "voice" that echoed my viewpoint.

I'm weary of the self-righteous attitude of "indoor only" cat owners who view me as irresponsible and unloving because I allow my cats out in our quiet neighborhood. They are out during the day only, they set up a territory close to the house and are updated on shots. Really, they are in and out all day long.

I say, if you could give your cat a few minutes of reasoning and verbal ability and inform him of the risks then ask him if he'd still rather not go outside... My $ would be on most cats opting to assume the risk to gain a better quality of life! Humans make that decision every time the climb into a car, swim on the beach, walk in a crowded parking lot, go skiing, fly in a plane, etc.

Why do we take that choice away from cats simply because we're bigger than they are and they don't have the ability to voice their desires?

Anyone who thinks the stimulation of the outdoors can be replicated indoors has never laid in the grass with a cat and experienced the sights, smells and sounds through the "eyes" of their pet.

I've owned indoor/outdoor cats for over 30 years.....none have died from the any of the risks associated w/ going outdoors. One lived to be 18! I did lose my beloved Max at age 12 to fibrosarcoma though......cancer caused by the state mandated rabies vaccine!

Max Loved The Outdoors.

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A dilemma.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Monica,

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your thoughts on the issue and for sharing your wonderful photos of Max. He was a mighty good looking fellow.

I wholeheartedly agree with you where you say that, given a choice, a cat would opt to enjoy the outdoors even with all the risks. Although they are our beloved pets, their heritage is that of the wild. We provide their food, but the hunting instinct is still very much there.

But sadly, the dangers for cats out there are very real. Yes, there are dangers for we humans too, but as you rightly say, we do not generally let that stop us from enjoying life as best we can. But although we let our children explore the world, when they are responsible enough, can we teach road safety for example, to our cats?

It's a heck of a dilemma.

Thank you very much once again for your thoughtful submission.

Larry (Editor)

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