The little white cat.

by Suzanne



We started feeding this cat who was young but not a kitten about a year and a half ago. She was so pretty.......obviously half Siamese.

At first she'd hiss at us and wouldn't come near the food if we were in sight. After some time passed she'd let me sit on the porch by her as she ate and only when she was in heat would she let me pet her. My guess is she'd had two litters since I'd known of her. I referred to her when talking to my husband about her as "the little white cat".

About five months ago I called my husband on my way home from work and as always asked him if he'd fed the little white cat and he told me he had but she was limping.

When I got home from work I got out of my car and there she was on the porch with her left front leg "dangling". I burst into tears.

My husband and I have dogs and cats and didn't have the money to take her to the veterinarian and we weren't sure what to do. I called our local humane society and was told since we'd been feeding her for thirty days we could turn her in as an owner relinquish. There was no way I could allow this poor cat to be in pain so he took her to the humane society which he thought opened at nine but instead they opened at ten.

Twice he called me telling me how horrible it was there........people coming to surrender their pets and the incessant barking of abandoned dogs. Finally I told him "If you aren't comfortable leaving her there, don't". I told him to take her by our veterinarian who we've used for years and see if he can help her.

A short time later my husband called me and told me that the vet said that the little white cat had been shot in the foot as well as under her arm. Again, I burst into tears. How could someone do that to her? Dr. Marrinson offered to spay her for 69.99 because of a deal that certain vets had with the county and we opted to pay that fee with the intention of returning her to the only life she'd ever known.......the streets. He said her wounds weren't life threatening and the pellets could remain in her.

The next day after work I picked her up and the receptionist handed me a small zip lock back containing two pellets. Dr. Marrinson out of the kindness of his heart removed them from her little body.

On the eight mile drive home from the vet's I had this little white cat in a carrier on the passenger side seat and on occasion stuck my fingers through the crate and she would place her nose against my fingertip. That's when I made the decision there was NO WAY I could return this sweet animal to be harmed again. I brought her into our home and named her Karma.

Karma is beyond one doubt the sweetest animal I've ever known. The little white cat who used to hiss at me now sleeps in my bed at night. She makes me smile. She's a talker....makes chirping noises when playing and bats at my feet in the middle of the night.

There's no doubt in my mind the little white cat chose me.

I love you Karma, thank you for choosing me.

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Mar 19, 2009
Pure Love
by: joanslabs

Too bad there aren't more people in this world to help poor defenseless animals . It shows what a good person and what a big heart you have. I am sure Karmas will give you more love and happyiness then anyone or thing can give you.Thank you for sharing this story and hope it encourages more people to copy you.

Mar 17, 2009
Wonderful Story.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Suzanne,

Thank you for giving Karma a home and your love. I too cannot understand how someone could do something like that to a defenseless animal, some humans are less than human I guess.

Sounds like your little white cat is very happy with you. Thank you very much indeed for sharing your story.

Larry (Editor)

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