The Shadow Knows.....

by Mark
(Greeley, CO)

Black cat in a river.

Black cat in a river.

I adopted Shadow from a girl upstairs in my apartment building at a rather young age, about 3 months, because she was moving and couldn't take him with her....I changed his name from 'Pistachio' to Shadow because he didn't look like a nut or an ice cream to me, and we have been together for almost three years.

I treat him like a dog, take him fishing and camping with me and he really seems to enjoy it, traipsing through the mountains of Colorado. He is not a per se 'outdoors' cat, he stays in the apartment until I take him somewhere, but he does have access to a ledge outside the window that he enjoys hanging out on.

He talks a lot, sometimes very loudly, and as some black cats are, he is a head bumper. He has little use for dogs....tolerates them, but has tagged a few and bloodied a few if they got too close or surprised them. He is a regular at the local PetSmart store where they know him by name and marvel at how he rides around in the shopping cart without jumping out....until he gets near the kitty condos.

Here's hoping we have a long and happy life together. He is a fantastic cat. And yes, in the photo I'm posting of him, he is standing in a river. He never did mind water.

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Aug 19, 2010
Cat out in the country
by: Anonymous

That is a swell picture of your cat in the river. I wish I could take my cat with me, I love the country and I'm sure my cat would too, but he would be off chasing this and that and I know I could not catch him. Don't think that he would voluntarily go in water though!

Jan 11, 2010
cat like a dog
by: Anonymous


I find it interesting that you say your cat acts more like a dog. My cat (not black) does too.

I don't take him fishing but I do take him out on trips with me, he adores the country.

He walks with me on a harness and leash and I'm sure he would behave if I took him in a store but doubt that any in these parts would allow it.

Anyway, I love your photograph.

Nov 14, 2009
Shadow sounds like a real pal
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Mark,

I have to agree that Shadow is a much better name for your marvelous black cat than is Pistachio.

Shadow sounds like a real pal, it is great that he shares your passion for fishing and camping (I can understand him liking fishing :0) )

And he accompanies you on shopping trips too! A truly marvelous feline friend.

Thank you very much for sharing your fantastic photo and story with us.

Larry (Editor)

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