The twins-Ryo and Valour

by Bonnie
(New Zealand)

Ive known these two from way back when they were the size of my palm, Their mother was a Black, gentle and friendly feline that belonged to my fathers work mate.

The were part of a litter of six, five male black cats and one female tortoiseshell, Ryo had always been the more quiet one, preferring to take frequent naps inside a baseball cap and enjoyed being handled, while Valour was always on the go and squirmed each time someone picked him up.

I brought them home about four weeks later, Ryo immediately walked up to my brother whom with glee picked him up and put him on his lap, Valour however Covered with cobwebs nervously crept up to me and started to play with my hair.

Nowadays Valour lies on the trampoline with my dog Jake and I and greets me in the morning by casually strolling into my room and meowing loudly as if to say "Hurry up its time for my breakfast!", Ryo of course is quite different from his brother preferring to take short naps on my lap while I'm on the computer and sleep on my face when I'm lying down.

Ryo and Valour can be downright amusing.
One day we had the rabbit out in the yard which my two boys seemed to fear, Jak (the rabbit) decided it would be fun to chase the cats, who at the time were chasing the dog, well actually they had managed to jump onto the dogs back and hitch a ride, chaos ensued when Jak headbutted Jake who fell over onto my brother and the cats fell into the path of the hose my brother was playing with.

My boys (including Jake) hate water so i found valour climbing up my skirt and ryo hissing like an angry rattlesnake. it took all afternoon to calm them down.

They seem to get along with our neighbours cats Persia the white cat, Nacho the Chocolate point Siamese, Speckles the Silver Bengal and Dolphin the Black and white cat, in fact I've caught this group of cats teasing some of the local dogs together...

There they were, Nacho on the letterbox swiping at one of the two chihuahua`s noses, Persia, cat-napping in a tree nearby, Speckles and dolphin hissing in the bushes and My boys running around the garden like bolts of black lightning. Of course something bad was bound to happen, the local grumpy cat, Salem the Persian disliked all the noise their little game was causing so he grumpily wandered into the garden and gave Ryo a swipe on the nose, causing a small scar that's still there, If it hadn't of been for grumpy Salem I'm pretty sure Ryo would get out of the house more rather than sleep on my arm while im doing my homework.

My life would be incomplete without My two furry twins Ryo and Valour.

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Dec 11, 2009
Amazing Twin Black Cats
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Bonnie,

Your twin black cats sound amazing!

I don't think that you can have many dull moments in your life with, let's see, rabbits chasing cats who are chasing dogs who are chasing . . . :0)And then there are all your neighbor's cats!

Boo to Salem for swiping Ryo on the nose.

Thank you very much for sharing the story of your cats,(and rabbit, and dog) with us.

Do you have a photo of your twin kitties you can share?

Larry (Editor)

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