Tiggy making a fool of me

by Sheila Drewery

Leave me alone

Leave me alone

Tiggy had not been well, cystitis, and one day just before Christmas, I found her in the bathroom lying strangely, she seemed to be limping. It was near lunchtime. I carried her downstairs, she slept for a while then cried to go out.

Reluctantly, I let her out I knew she would be okay as she would go in the shed, which had a cat flap. I was busy the rest of the day getting things ready for visitors coming for Christmas. I suddenly realized Tiggy had not come to the kitchen door. By this time, it was getting dark outside, I kept shouting her, but no Tiggy. This was not like Tiggy. I do not go in the shed much and the lock had rusted, yes, you are right, the key would not open the door, even worse, the key broke inside the lock.

I knelt down on the ground and shouted to Tiggy through the cat flap, also trying to see if she was lying prostrate somewhere on her bed. (I hoped no-one was watching me from their windows, they probably thought I had lost my marbles!! This eccentric cat woman who always talks to cats!!) I tried to break the lock with a knife, but no, I could not break it. Of course all my tools were in the shed too!! I was now getting really worried about Tiggy and began to get upset.

I got in the car and drove down to my Sister`s house, I knew her husband would have something I could use. Tears were streaming down my face as I was driving and I was thinking, Oh No, Tiggy you can`t be dead, Michiko is coming for Christmas from Japan and you liked her and vice versa. I quickly arrived at My Sister`s house and my Brother-in-Law let me borrow his wrench.

As I drove back home, I was dreading breaking into the shed and finding Tiggy lying there, and I had no-one to support me in my find. Hurriedly, I went to the shed, still calling for Tiggy, still no answer. I quickly wrenched the lock off and with a torch went into the shed - there she was!! Not lying prostrate as I had thought - but sat there, her eyes shining with the light of the torch and with a look that said "what have you disturbed me for". Yes, you can imagine, although I was pleased she was alive, I was far from pleased that she had just cost me a new lock to be put on my shed door and I would have to find a Joiner!!

Tiggy still did not come in, so I left her where she was, not before telling her "she had to start earning her keep". No I did not get any response, only a look which said "are you finished -can I get back to my catnap"!!!

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Feb 02, 2008
Another wonderful story.
by: Larry (Editor)

Another wonderful story Sheila, and another great photo of Tiggy too.

Yes cats can certainly cause us anxiety on occasion, you must have been very relived to find that she was okay.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us.


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