Tumbling in the jungle now

by Mary
(Chicago, IL)



Beny was sitting in the middle of the road calmly washing himself when a fire truck nearly ran over him. Luckily, the driver of the fire truck was a cat lover and scooped him up and gave him to a friend. The friend knew I was looking for a companion for my shy 2 year old cat, Tiger. As soon as I saw the little, skinny kittie with a big distended belly (he had worms) I fell in love.

He woke me up early every morning and when he wasn't pestering me for food he wanted to go out. He loved the outdoors, (although he was an indoor cat), loved soil in pots, vases of flowers and sitting on the windowsill, especially when there was a little snow on it. He loved people and ran to the door when anyone rang the bell. He was always up to something.

He went through a lot of visits to the vet and medicine and inhalers trying to beat a respiratory infection. He put up a courageous fight and was never sorry for himself. I learned a lot about persistence and tenacity from him. He died two years ago aged 8. I miss him so.

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Oct 01, 2008
Beny is Beautiful
by: Connie

Beny is such a handsome cat!!!! He was so lucky that you were willing to care for him and give him the love which he needed. That is so sad that he is no longer with you, but I'm sure that he will be waiting for you in his jungle. He is probably wishing that you could share your love with another kitty and when the time comes he will have the new kitty to play with.

I lost my loved Fe-Kin when she was 16 years and 8 months old. I really felt that she wanted me to get another kitty to love. Cinnamon and I were extra close and she died in her sleep as I was looking at her.

I now have Kitty Grumbles and Miskena Marler to look after me and make sure that I have heaps of love coming my way.

Sep 29, 2008
Beny made me love cats
by: Sarah

Beny was the cat that made me love cats. He was witty and clever, playful but never annoying. Mary looked after him with all her generous heart and that is a beautiful and accurate tribute. He was a very lucky cat to be owned by her. RIP Beny.

Sep 28, 2008
A strikingly good looking cat.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Mary,

Thank you for your touching story about Beny and your wonderful photo of him, he was strikingly good looking.

Cats are indeed courageous and you are right, we humans can learn a lot from them.

Larry (Editor)

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