Swanky Tuxedo Cats

Tuxedo Cat

Tuxedo cats, the all dressed up and ready to hit the town cats.

Strictly speaking Tuxedo's have a particular black and white coat pattern.

The black coloring should be predominant with the white restricted to the underbelly, front paws, chest, chin and throat.

This pattern does indeed make the cat appear to be all dressed up for a swanky affair or a night on the town; hence the name tuxedo.

Often though, many a cat with a reasonably even distribution of black and white markings gets referred to as a 'tuxedo' although a more correct description would be bicolor.

young tuxedo catTux Cats, very formal and distinguished.

Black and white bicolor cats have also been known as piebald, pied, parti-colored, cow and even magpie cats, although these expressions are not much used nowadays.

Jellicle cat is another term, made popular by T.S. Elliot, that is often applied to tuxedos.

Some of the breeds in which Tux markings can occur are the Manx, American Shorthair and British Shorthair, Scottish Fold, Cornish Rex and Devon Rex, and the Persian.

Tux markings are most often found in mixed breed cats though.

Black and white bicolor cats are all individual you are not likely to see two with identical markings, but tuxedos usually have white V on their chest, making them look very formal and distinguished.

When it comes to personality, again tuxedos are a mixed bunch, there is no particular trait. Most often though you will find they make very loving, very affectionate house cats.

Felix the cat, the original king of the cartoon cats, is sometimes called a tux but as he only has white markings on his face he can't properly be described as such.

Many black and white cats though do look like they have the personality of the famous feline, a cheeky cat always landing in hot water, perhaps that's why many a tux has been named Felix

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