"Two Lost Kittens"

by Rick
(Toms River ,N.J. USA)

As I was driving past a wooded area near my house I saw a little black kitten sitting in the street next to a curb. I turned the car around and sure enough there were two kitten's, a black one in the street with both eyes shut from infection and crying and a gray and black stripped little guy on the grassy area near the black one.

I scooped up the little black one and put her in a cat carrier I keep in my station wagon. I went back to get the other little one and he let me walk right up to him, but every time I reached down to get him he would run back about ten to fifteen feet.

Well I left and took the little black kitten to the vet who cleaned out the infection from her eyes and gave me antibiotic medicine and eye salve to give her three time a day. I knew my wife would absolutely kill me if she knew I brought another cat home even, if temporary just to help the kitten. I put the cat in my mothers garage who lives close by, and used an old dog cage I had when I owned German shepherds. A litter box form a cardboard shoe box and gave her water and food.

The next day I had to visit my mothers house three times to clean the kitten and administer the medicine. She held so still and let me put the salve in her eyes and give her the antibiotic. She would nestle into my body and purr. She was so very appreciative of being helped I named her "Sweety".

Two day's later I noticed "Sweety's" sibling sitting near the same spot I originally found them. This time he let me pick him up . He sat very still but was meowing loudly. I think calling for help! I noticed a red tailed hawk sitting in a nearby tree watching both of us, and a coyote slinking in the grassy field in front of the wooded area not far away. I'm sure in less then ten minutes that kitten would have been gone forever.

There have been quite a few coyote sightings the last two years in my area. They are beginning to be a problem for peoples small pet's left outside. When I put the cat in the carrier the hawk flew off, and the coyote stood up and just watched me get into the car. I thought to myself, how lucky can a kitten get, both predators thought they had a snack. "NOT THIS TIME". Well I named him "Ansel" it has a meaning in French and teutonic language, but in German ( my fathers side was German) it means Gods' or divine protection. Surely that kitten was meant to be saved.

When he was put in the cage with sweety she sniffed him up and down smelled his rear, "haha" and then affectionately nuzzled him and wanted to play, even though she could not see much yet.

It is ten days since and Sweety's eyes are clean and she is playing, and eating well as is Ansel. This Saturday they get checked by the Vet again, and if healthy enough they will get wormed and kitten vaccinations. Now it is time to find a home for them. I will miss them. They have already grown on me, especialy Sweety, but three cats is enough for me.

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by: Joan

I have always had a difficult time letting kittens I have rescued go even though I knew it was for the best.

Bless you for saving these two darlings.

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