Unique Cat Furniture

Unique Cat Furniture For a Happy, Healthy and Contented Cat

What is unique? The word can be defined as meaning one of a kind; the only one.

Or it can be defined as meaning not typical; unusual.

Perhaps you do need an item of cat furniture that is one of a kind, you may have a certain space to fit in a cat climber, for example.

In that case you can either build it yourself if you are handy with the tools, or have it custom made.

Cat in cat treeA unique cat tree.

Or perhaps you are looking for feline furnishing that is just a little different.

There is a wide range of out of the ordinary designs available, so you and your cat don't have to accept the usual, you can have the special, the individual, the standout!

Window-mounted Cat Seat

Molly and Friends

Molly and Friends make excellent cat trees and climbers. The out of the ordinary twist is that they are all handmade and actually made in the USA.

The company was founded in a garage in Gainesville, Florida, with a mission to make and sell premium quality cat furniture at affordable prices.

All the cat furniture was to be hand built.

One of the founders had a cat called Molly and so that's how the company was named.

The goods were displayed out the front of the garage and soon caught the attention of passers by.

Those passers by that tried their distinctive cat items were very impressed and more importantly, so were their cats.

The growing reputation of Molly and Friends soon meant a move to larger premises.

Today the company sells their products through many outlets but continue their tradition of hand built unique cat furniture.

Looking for a window perch for your kitty? You can have the plain and simple, or how about a perch that is heated, made to keep your cat warm as she sits watching the world go by.

Then there are cat window perches that have an enclosed area so that your cat can safely enjoy the fresh air as she sits at the open window.

Is a Scratching Post Cat Furniture?

A scratching post is not so much an item of kitty furniture as it's an absolute necessity! Cats love to scratch, cats have to scratch and scratch they will.

A good scratching post saves your sofa, your drapes, your wall covering. A Scratching Post does not have to be boring, there are many novel and unusual designs available, find one that suits you, or more importantly, your cat.

Unique Cat Furniture from Cardboard Boxes?

Just think of the wonderfully individual cat furniture you can construct from a few suitably sized cardboard boxes.

Make a cat tower for your kitty. First, remove any metal staples or other fixings that your cat could hurt herself on. For the base unit, cut out a sizable entrance, cut a hole large enough for your cat to climb through the top of the box.

cat on table“As I haven't my own cat furniture, I'm using your furniture. I'll start with this table, then I might swing on the drapes and just wait till you see what I have in mind for the sofa”

Ideally this hole should be approximately half the area of the top of the box, design it so that there is a ledge wide enough for your cat to perch on.

Take the second box and cut a hole in the bottom that matches the hole in the top of the base box.

Cut another matching hole in the top of the second box. As an optional extra, cut a small window in one of the sides of the second box.

Cut a hole in the bottom of the third box that matches the hole in the top of the second box. Next cut out a hole in one of the sides that roughly matches the entrance in the base.

Now you are going to need some strong tape. Ensure that the tape doesn't have adhesive that could harm your cat.

Fix your cat tower together making sure that each section is firmly taped to the next.

Cats are pretty nimble, but your cat climbing up the inside of a stack of cardboard boxes is almost guaranteed to topple it. So, find some way of weighing down the base box, just enough so that your cat can't overbalance your piece of unique cat furniture, or firmly attach the tower to a wide base board.

Of course you can design your cat tower anyway you wish, have two boxes at the base if you like.

To make the tower really unique decorate it in some wild style, let your imagination run riot. Just be sure that whatever you use to decorate it with will not harm your cat in any way.

Or, just leave your cardboard box cat tower the way it is, your cat is not likely to mind.

How long is your cardboard masterpiece unique cat furniture likely to last?

Cardboard can be surprisingly durable, but . . . cats are cats, they can be boisterous and have claws. However, it is easy to replace a damaged section of the tower with a new one.

Use cardboard boxes to make a cat tunnel. Cats love tunnels, they love running through them and love concealing themselves inside, playing a game of hide and seek with you.

Don't want to make your own cat tunnel? As you would expect, there are many ready made tunnels available in a diverse range of colors and designs.

Most are manufactured from soft materials, this means they collapse for easy storage, and many also make a crinkle sound when the cat walks through which they find fascinating. Cat Tunnels : Frolicking fun for your cat.

Novel Outdoor Cat Houses

If your feline friend is outside a lot an outdoor cat house will provide her with somewhere of her very own to shelter in.

Not only from the rain and the wind, but also, very importantly from the effects of the sun.

For the DIY enthusiast designing and building a unique outdoor cat house makes for a fun and interesting project.

You don't want to go overboard. You could fill your home from top to bottom with unique cat furniture which would mean no space for you and your items!

However one or two pieces of fun feline furnishings does make for a happy, healthy and contented cat.

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