We Chose Each Other

by Hanna
(Arundel, Maine)

Pandora the Miracle Kitty

Pandora the Miracle Kitty

I've had five cats in my lifetime. The first two I got when I was four years old. I had begged my mother to get me a pet for a while, and she finally gave in and came home one day with two orange tabby kittens (sisters), which we named Sarah and Terah.

Sarah always followed me around everywhere, and my mother often referred to her as "Hanna's cat". They were supposed to be family pets, but she became my cat, and I became her human.Two years later, Terah disappeared, and we got Lily, a gray tabby.

Sarah disappeared after about seven years with us. I didn't want another cat, because it left me heartbroken. Lily was the only cat in the house for one year, before we decided to get some kittens.

Since we get all our pets at the shelter, my mother, father, and I all drove over to the shelter and looked at kittens. I was in fourth grade at this time. We ended up not getting any of the cats the first time we went. The second time we went was a week after.

I was looking at all the kittens that were in these small cages, and I felt heartbroken, because I knew that most would not be adopted and would have to be put down. I saw a cage in the corner that broke my heart completely.

There were five four-month-old kittens in the cage. There was obviously not enough space for them. I ran over to it and looked in at their sleeping bodies. There were two black and white cats, an all black cat, an orange tabby, and a tortoise shell. They were all girls except for the orange tabby. I didn't want to disturb them, but the tortoise shell lifted her head and stared at me with her golden eyes. I opened the cage and pulled her out.

She would not stop purring, which reminded me of Sarah. The orange tabby also reminded me of Sarah, but his personality was nothing like hers. I held and played with all of the kittens, but the tortoise shell and I had already bonded. My mother fell in love with her black sister, so we took them both home. My mother named the black cat Sasha, and I named my baby Pandora.

That night, Pandora did something I will never forget. I had never heard of cats crawling under the covers with you and pressing themselves as close to your chest as possible, but that's what Pandora did. She even let me wrap my arms around her and place my chin on her head, which was nestled into my neck. We slept like that for the night.

Only a few days after we took them home, I realized that there was something wrong with Pandora. I had already grown so close to her that I stared crying and told my mother to call the vet. The local vet said that they were open for emergencies only, and gave us advice on what to do with a sick cat. I was furious and took the phone, and told them that it was an emergency. They said that she was just sick, and that we could bring her in tomorrow for treatment. They said if I really wanted her to be checked out tonight, I could go to the vet in Portland, because they were open.

We drove there and had to wait for what seemed like hours before they finally called us in and took a look at her. They said she needed fluids immediately and stuck the needles in her body. I cried when she meowed with pain. I held her close while they injected the needles into her tiny body. Did I mention that she was the smallest of the litter? If I hadn't taken her to the vet that night, she would have died, they said. They also said that she had a disease that was common in shelters, but very deadly.

We had to mix medicine into her food and hand-feed her for two weeks, but she recovered. She only cuddled with me like the first night until she was better, but she sleeps on the end of my bed, on my feet, or on my chest when I'm laying on my back now. If I hadn't taken her to the vet that night, she would have died, and she knows it. She and I have been connected ever since. She grew up into the biggest cat in the house and always sits in my lap. She's my cat, and I'm her human. We've had her and Sasha for about three years now, and I'm so glad we have them. I'll love Pandora, or Cuddles as we call her now, forever.

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Jul 12, 2009
wonderful cat
by: Erik

Pandora seems like the greatest pet to have, and that's so awesome she was saved. Last year I had a girlfriend who had a chocolate siamese we rushed to the hospital....he wasn't so lucky. So great to hear a story like yours.

Jul 12, 2009
You were made for each other.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Hanna,

Thank you very much indeed for sharing your story about Pandora and your other cats.

From her photograph I can see why Pandora captured your heart when you was at the shelter. It sounds like she has a warm and loving personality.

Good for you for being persistent in getting treatment for your cat when you knew that she needed it. Yes, it seems that not only did you and Pandora choose each other, you were made for each other too.

Larry (Editor)

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