What a beautiful day!

by karen cliffe
(montreal canada)

We wake up and see the light, we know the fun awaits.

We cannot wait to feel the sun, the wind and rain. We are hunters, warriors and born to be free. Please do not feel sad if our life ends before you feel it`s time.

We thank you for all the care and the chance to roam without fear. Our lives are not measured by longevity. We are born to feel nature and all it`s mysteries. Do not be sad if we leave you one day, we thank you for not imprisoning us in your world everyday.

We are CATS!!!,smart, fast, curious, and born to be wild . Thank you for understanding what and who we are, what we need, and giving us all those other necessities.

You saved us from the shelter and now we have freedom, food and love. We love to chase mice and and play together all day. But then we come inside at night and sleep with you cuddled tight.

The world is so spectacular and we love being cats that is true mostly when we come home and get those special snacks from you.

From Snoopy,( the lover), fatty catty, ``Mr Gingy``( proud and wise) and jay jay( the explorer)..meow meow meow!! The brothers!

A little trick,,every time our cats come home at night,they get a special treat,and trust me they remember those shrimps and tuna!!!

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Thanks for the comments
by: Anonymous

I love their little personalities,,how they all have their special ways. The meows,,all different but touch the heart in such simple ways.I hope our cats never endure any pain or suffering. So innocent and pure. keep our babies safe!!!
All animals deserve respect,,humans can be so egocentric. Sad,that we cannot respect all things great and small.
Mommy of jay jay,,fatty catty,mr snoops. xoox fast asleep in their beds with their favourite people ... until dawn.!

by: Katy

N.B. They don't say cats have 9 lives for nothing. It isn't 8 near misses you know. Cats Come Back! It may seem they live short lives sometimes but never fear they are our soulmates and love will bind us through eternity.

Baast was the Egyptian goddess of the home and the wise Egyptians used to take respect for the cats they loved very seriously, even building them a sarcophagus so they could reach the Elyssian lands.

The age old debate will always go on
by: Rick Reineke

My daughters had found a feral kitten that they tamed, and loved named mittens. She was a very street wise cat, and I can remember seeing her around the house chasing bugs, digging up moles, or toying with a mouse or two. Your description about the enjoyment the cats have outside brought back memories.

I have seen these same things you describe that your cats enjoy for myself while watching my daughters little cat. One day the cat became caught in the crook of two branches. Perhaps her leg and or hips were injured so that she couldn't push herself back up. She was very agile, and a great climber besides being street wise. Yet that fateful night was her last. She hung upside down all night until neighbors spotted her in the morning. The animal control people took her down. She seemed to revive, but died while the Vet was checking her. They said it was probably a blood clot and that she didn't have use of her back legs due to hanging upside down for hours. I'm sure she suffered for a time. I know my daughters suffered greatly over the loss of their little mittens.

I think letting the cats outside has to be weighed by many factors, including how much you are attached to your animals and also how cautious ( or street wise) if you want to call it that, the cat is. I have three cats. A former feral who is still very cautious when she approaches anything new and two wonderful male kitty's who throw all caution to the wind. I keep my cats indoors, but that is a personal decision based on many factors of where I live, and not just the sorrow I know I would have if my cats were to be killed, eaten, or become diseased,or even tortured by those who have no compassion for animals.

I have recently enjoyed a web site you can google called ("Kitty City-Indoor/Outdoor Cats"). This man and his wife have built a small haven at their home for lost and feral cats that have wandered into their lives. At one time some of their cats were allowed outside,but now a changing environment has changed their minds. It is an enjoyable site, and well done, with many pictures and updates on each cat. I thoroughly enjoyed your very descriptive and colorful post.

May your cats live long
Rick Reineke
Toms River N.J. USA

Poetic Post.
by: Larry (editor)

Hi Karen,

What a beautifully poetic post, I wish that I could express myself half as well as you.

You certainly know cats "smart, fast, curious, and born to be wild."

Shrimps and tuna as an incentive to come home at night - I can easily believe that works unfailingly :0)

Snoopy, Jay Jay and Mr Gingy sound like a great bunch of cats. Thank you very much indeed for sharing their story with us.

(take good care of Jay Jay, Jordan)

Larry (editor)

we love our cats..
by: Anonymous

these are our cats,,we saved,,we love them alot,,but mommy is always worried about them.
I am glad she is finally accepting that they have to go out. We tried keeping themin,,jay jay cried all day.very sad.
jay jay is my cay,,I am jordan 12yrs.
fatty catty is Gabrielle's cat 10yrs
snoopy is always waking mommy up at 5am,,that is her cat..
They were born together,, there were 6 kittens.
we got them adopted,kept three. Wish we could have kept all kittens.

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