What a mystery

by willy

The first time I ran into a cat I was smoking a cigarette with a friend and I walked up to pet it and it followed me and I walked back to school, this was a white cat.

Then I was with my friend when a stray cat walked up by us I pet it and this cat wouldn't leave me alone. This was a gray cat. And tonight on my 18th birthday I went out to celebrate and at midnight I went for a stroll and ran into a stray cat in my neighborhood.

This time I went up to pet it and called it over. It was purring and I felt like it was friendly I went up to pet it and it flicked its tail and arched its back with a welcome. I started to walk away and it followed me. I then began smoking marijuana..I live in Amsterdam btw. So it is legal...

the cat continued to follow me and it was real playful.

P.s. this is now a black cat with white paws and a white chest. I finished smoking and the cat walked away and sat by a pole then I walked away and the cat stood there. Halfway down the street the cat followed me again. I stopped it stopped.

Then I went and it followed. I was creeped out at this point. I walked home and it walked on the other side of the street and followed me. At a fast pace. It then walked in the shadows as I hid from it. And I walked in my back gate and closed it and started smoking again when I heard a meow three times outside my gate. I left away in my house and locked the door. And now lay in my room with my dog by my door. This is no joke. And I'm not tripping cause I'm high these aren't images in my head.

My name is willy. We shall see what happens in the future if I don't reply in 2 days then assume the worst ha ha. Its my 18th birthday I'm trippin out now. The date is September 30th 2010.

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Mar 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

ur not crazy...that shit is creeeeppy when it happens. i had a cat come follow me out of the shadows last night. i went to the park to go smoke and omw back i go through an alley. i heard a noise and kept checking behind me and after what seemed forever a cat came out of the shadows walking a straight still line behind me. i couldnt c the color of the cat or any details just that it looked like a cat and a big one at that. when i tried to call it it ran to my left his right behind a house. but he was still watching me poking his head out. he watched me all the way home then when i get home my cats are meowing waiting for me which they never both do at the same time. idk its definitely an unnerving creepy ominous feeling tho:/

Oct 01, 2010
Feel Honored.
by: Larry (Editor)

Hi Willy,

You are smoking something that is legal in Amsterdam, but not legal most other places, and cats are following you.

Well cats love catnip and it said that catnip is bio-chemically related to cannabis! I wonder if . . . no, that probably isn't right ;)

Don't be worried, no harm will come to you because cats follow you. Its a good thing, cats are lovely animals, so feel honored.

Thank you for telling us your story and I hope you enjoyed your birthday.

Larry (Editor)

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